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  1. Redwall is a terrible childs novel. I prefer DR.Seus.
  2. I'm looking to download this scenario, but the link at Kel's archive seems to be broken. Anyone able to supply me somewhere else to find it? Anywhere I try just links to the archive.
  3. Okay, well, I'm on the ship, the crystal just went off, water is flooding in, how do I get off? I play with a 2 man party, and when I get into combat mode to kill the barriers I leave combat mode to advance the 2nd member, and I appear about 3 spaces back. I may just need to keep trying, but is there a simpler way thru? Thanks.
  4. The only one I can help you with is the Inn staff member, but if I am correct, you must do a series of tedious quests given to you by one of the current staff members.
  5. Whenever i attempt to start BoE/E1/2/3, I get the following error. "WINDOWS 16 BIT SUBSYSTEM:THIS PROGRAM CANNOT BE RUN." For over a year BoE and the Exiles worked on this same computer, and now they dont, and im hoping to figure this out. Thanks, OM
  6. Yea if drakey left the boards would be nothing without him...
  7. If FB stops spaming no i don't but if i was drakey right now i would be very stressed out.
  8. Yea well you all won't think it is so funny if we lose drakey will you?
  9. Sorry... i was just not thinking right.(not like i ever am thinking right).
  10. But i was in this topic and everyone kept on calling him jeff...
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