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  1. Sorry for my question being a little off-topic, but I felt it didn't really warrant it's own thread: How does a character duo fare compared to the solo? Logically they would level faster than the party of four, but not as much as a solo character. The thing is, it seems playing a singleton gets tedious sometimes because you need to 'farm' wisdom crystals to get strong enough to actually beat the game. (At least, in A:EftP it was) Is this still a necessity with two characters, or do they fare better just playing "normally"?
  2. You couldn't pick nephils or sliths in A:EftP, just humans. In A2:CS, non-humans are essentially the same as EftP characters with some bonuses, while humans now get more traits. The xp penalty stuff are in the original avernum games.
  3. I'll add a question of my own as well! With multiple mages, do you need each to capture their own souls to use, or can a single character use Capture Soul for everyone else to use Simulacrum as well?
  4. I haven't started up A2:CS yet as I want to finish my current playthrough of A:EftP and dive right into the sequel from there, but as far as I can tell the spells are all identical right? (plus Capture Soul and Simulacrum) Have they been tweaked at all or do they compare similarly to the way they were balanced in A:EftP? For instance, Daze's extra effects vs. Slow, Icy Rain being useful all game, Spray Acid not being very useful, etc. I remember the original A2 spells were quite different. Is the spell that summons multiple shades gone?
  5. So are there no trainers for Mage Spell and Priest Spell (the skills)?
  6. Is training still limited to 2 extra points like it is in A:EftP?
  7. Thanks for the response! So it seems like I might only want a single point in Swordmage, or will it be useful to put more points into it? I guess I'll have to go look up the stats of armors I'll want to equip. You mean weapons that have (+5% hit chance) in their text? I thought that only applied to attacks made with that weapon. I see, but can I train Hardiness to 12 if Melee is still 10? I suspect I can't, but I wanted to be sure. Also, I was going to shoot for Erika's tower to train Arcane Lore and then get the Stagnant Tunnel spellbooks, but I just realized buying just the spells I need would actually come out cheaper! D'oh!
  8. Hey guys, I've finally gotten some time to sit down and play avernum after the festivities (happy new year everyone!) and I've started my magic-only playthrough. As expected it's nowhere near as hard as a no-magic challenge sounds, but I have to say it's actually easier than I thought it would be. Energy really hasn't been an issue at all even starting out - although I've gotten pretty close to the whole party running out of mana mid-battle a couple times because I held off going back to town. xD Four mages just obliterate most fights and dungeons, with only demons being troublesome so far. I ended up making two of the party members part-priest for healing. I think I could get away with a single one, but I like having two to spread the energy usage around. Summons have been handy in a few fights to create a bottleneck, but making the lead character tougher was definitely a good advice, as I don't think I could have gone through relying only on summons for tanking. I've got a couple new questions to help plan for later, though. First, how do skill bonuses from training interact with the max you can level a higher tier skill? For example, with Melee Skill and Hardiness: if Melee is at 8, and I train 2 points to get 10, can I level Hardiness to 10 or only 8? And if I have both at 10, can I train twice in Hardiness to get 12, or do I need 12 in Melee first? And what about bonus from items? My second question is about the Swordmage trait. I'm trying to determine if it'll be worth investing in for my lead character since she'll probably want heavier armor, but still has to cast mage spells. What does the trait actually do though? If it only counteracts the hit chance penalty, doesn't Intelligence/Mage Spell do that already?
  9. I can attest that it's pretty common for people to pick up games in steam sales for cheap, and then never playing them, or just a little before moving on to the next thing. And then there are those that spend their whole time trying different characters and things, but never actually reach the end. For instance, I've spent a lot of time in Skyrim just trying out different mods, haha!
  10. @stranger: That's a fair question. To clarify, when I say 'Mage' I think of a character that uses mage spells as their primary offense and is proficient in arcane magic, which would translate here as 17 in mage spells, so as to be able to learn and cast any of those spells. So in other words I want to have a whole party of people with 17 in mage spells, regardless of anything else they might have. The main thing seems to be that I need enough melee skill in the party to deal with magic-immune monsters, otherwise I can just zap and blast everything to death. If I'm not mistaken, summons deal negligeable damage and there aren't any spells that can bypass the resistances?
  11. Thanks for the responses! The all-mage party is really only because I wanted to make an oddball group and I like wizards. Based on your advice, I'm thinking I'll try something like this: 1) "battlemage": Enough weapon skill to reach party ( might help for those magic-resistant encounters?) Plus swordmage trait to wear better armor. 2) "spellslinger": the main damage dealer, gymnastics and some dex for extra AP? 3) "healer": enough levels in priest for healing and unshackled mind. 4) "summoner": focuses on summons as extra meatshields, and can be a secondary healer/buffer. And each character is built enough as a mage to use arcane spells as their main offense. Thoughts?
  12. Hello! It's been a while since I played this game, and I'd like to go back in and actually finish it. Last time I had a pretty standard party (fighters, mage, priest) and I wanted to do something different this time. I've read some of the excellent guides here, and it seems mages are considered pretty powerful overall, but what about a party of ONLY mages/casters? Might a summoner replace the frontline fighter/tank, or is some kind of beefy tank mandatory? Can I get away with no primary priest? I have not played the game all the way through before, so I'd appreciate some pointers and opinions on building a party of 4 primary mages to beat the game with. Thanks!
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