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  1. The version I am using (the one Ess Eschas linked to above) works fine, save for the occasional weird crash to desktop. The version on Spiderweb's site (which is what I was using before I started this thread) is no good for me because it only seems to allow for a handful of custom scenarios and I have played through Valley of the Dying Things, A Small Rebellion etc. far too many times so the custom scenarios being as plentiful as possible is a must for me.
  2. I may have mistakenly added the 'C' to the 'boes' extension Celtic'. All I know was that I had a version that could not open or run any scenarios save for the three included (Za Khazi, Small Rebellion, Valley...) which themselves had the '.boes' extension. I don't think I want to mess with newer, unstable versions for several reasons : I am on Windows XP and now days fewer and fewer games will run on such and also I don't think I have the time or patience right now to deal with massive bugs.
  3. Hello Ess-Eschas, Sadly I think the version you linked to above is the same 1.2 version I already have (the 'older' version I mentioned in the OP which does not seem to allow for many custom scenarios). EDIT: Ack again! Your above version is indeed fitting my OP request. I was looking at the '1.2' number and thinking the version I had was 1.2 (it is actually 1.01 or some such and not CBoE but just BoE) . Thanks much! Digging around on my PC I found a version of CBoE that runs for the most part (lot of buggy error messages when I open some function or close the programs though) but apparently is not compatible with older BoE scenarios. It uses a different 'CBOES' file type which the three included scenarios all have (Small Rebellion, Za-Khazi run etc.) but since the older custom scenarios do not use such I think they will not load in CBoE.
  4. Hello, I decided to play some BoE scenarios but evidently I only have the original freeware release of BoE from Spiderweb which I determined after noticing I could not have more than like 10 or 12 scenarios in my scenarios folder (or actually that it all that will show up when I boot the game and try to select a custom scenario). So I came here to get a newer version that still runs in Windows XP but the download links to the 'Calref' pages are not working. Is there an alternate download link somewhere (with notes about versions not running in Win XP)? Edit: ACK! In the above I meant x32 bit Win XP BTW.
  5. Release information just posted on the main SW site page.
  6. I understand why you and, to one extent or the other probably almost everyone here does not want a Ferguson thread. Emotions seem to run high on this issue and I will try not to say anything that might cause stress here but... The thing that bothers me about this, Travon Martin etc. is that whenever a police officer (or some 'stand your ground' moron civilian) ends up shooting a young black man, they are convicted from the first reporting of being a racist murderer, contrary to what evidence we have. Here in WA. state we are seeing innumerable protests with silly catch-phrases and placards and not a single one of them has ever stopped and asked "What evidence do we have that the grand jury got this wrong?". It used to be that if someone attempted to violently assault a cop and grab for his gun police were supposed to unload in the guy rather than risk any number of people being hurt or killed by the violent criminal. Of course there are and will be those comparatively rare cases when an officer does do wrong and should be disciplined for it (or prosecuted if he has caused injury or death in his wrong doing) but it becomes harder and harder to do this if we are just going after and punishing any officer who shoots any minority for any reason (including defending himself from a potentially murderous assault), regardless of what the evidence says happened (or does not say happened). The Liberal in me wants to be on board with these protests I guess but it is trumped by the skeptic in me who is asking for evidence before convicting people and going on nationwide protests claiming grave injustice has been done. It could be that the officer in Ferguson was some sort of racist or was otherwise not justified in shooting Mike Brown but I have seen no evidence to support such a case, It appears he did what he was supposed to do. Brown did not have his "hands up" nor did he ask to not be shot. Quite the opposite as far as we can tell right now. *Dons flame retardant suit just in case*
  7. I understand what you are saying but I still cannot accept this as being very sensible. I feel there are much better ways (and not necessarily more complex or complicated ways) of achieving these things. The example I usually cite in these discussions is the D&D vs. RuneQuest pen and paper RPG systems. RQ managed to do everything that (A)D&D did plus a thousand things D&D could not do, while being very logically consistent (aka "realistic") and losing none of the heroic fantasy fun. RQ had 'hit points' based primarily on the "Size" attribute (with "Constitution" contributing as well IIRC) and it had "Fatigue Points" (aka stamina) based primarily on "Strength" and "Constitution".. D&D's particular version of hit points does not seem to line up with your own completely (as Gygax most certainly considered them to be a measure of luck/fortune and a half dozen other things) but I think my point stands that if you try to abstract HP as being a combination of several things like stamina, will/determination, etc. then it begs the question of why healing spells and regeneration potions and such work the way they do. In my mind jogging up a mountain road should tire one out (drain stamina) but should be distinct from the amount of physical; damage they can absorb for the same reasons that "intelligence" should be separated from "Dexterity" and "Agility". Many who have great intellect do not have great coordination or dexterity and many who can jog a marathon cannot take a punch or a bullet the way a big guy can. Of course this is ultimately not very important as I think of CRPGs the same way I think of sex: When they are good they are GREAT but when they are bad...they are still pretty good. In short I think gaining better "defensive" abilities (to take one of your stated factors that HP may represent), like an increase in "parry" skills or dodge skills or what have you should not be accompanied by an increase in Hit Points with experience. Otherwise why don't hit points also increase every time you raise your sword parry or 'dodge blow' skills?
  8. My apologies again as I certainly did not intend what you infer here. I have not once posted 'angrily' here and my use of the 'H-E-Double Hockey Sticks' word was in no way meant to attack anyone else for any reason. I do not think I am alone here in in how I reacted to someone making false accusations against me about what I said though. If I responded to your post here by saying "Well Slartibus, you may believe I don't deserve to live or have the same rights you have..." then would you not think "Where the **** did you get THAT?!" ? But duly noted and I will not use the word again.
  9. Full agreement on this point, although I try not to get into the war about defining "RPG" for everyone these days my take from decades of study on the matter tells me that an RPG should be defined as a 'Squad-based tactical simulation game', wherein a 'squad' is a party of at least one and often more individual 'characters', ideally and usually created by the player (this interactivity being important) and this pretty much demands turn-based gameplay because if you are relying on your own reflexes to determine whether Breglok, the Hill Orc berserker can avoid being shot with an arrow then you are not playing a character so much as you are just playing a game of an 'arcade' or 'FPS' (etc.) type nature.
  10. My apologies. I honestly did not think that the description I gave of the crimes of those two's crimes was inappropriate or I would not have posted it. I am probably guilty of the wrongful assumption that what seems perfectly fine at many other forums and in many other philosophical debate threads would be similarly fine here or at any debate thread about adult subject matters. I will make a better effort to consider such before posting in the future as this is a family friendly forum I am sure and it does sound like I botched things in this regard.
  11. I did not read through all the replies here (as I must get off of here and do some physical stuff shortly) but a few of my answers were "other" for the simple reason that some of these terms vary wildly in how they are defined by many. If I say for example that I agree with the nihilist position for one or more of the quests I am fearful of being accused of being the 'vilified nihilist' of movies and TV (a guy who cares nothing about anything or anyone yet for some reason still lives). In short I am a pretty strict materialist/empiricist and card carrying skeptic (in the modern philosophical sense, not the "I doubt everything and nothing can be known!" radical form of skepticism which makes no sense to me). I have no attraction for idealism (or it's uglier sister solipsism) because it seems to be an unfalsifiable claim. I know what Descartes intended with his cogito ergo sum but I think he only really supported materialism with that. Plato contributed some worthwhile ideas but a lot of what he advocated seemed nonsensical to me and I tend to prefer Aristotle, Heraclitus and such. I do not agree that anything is beyond possible observation or measurement but it is quite impossible for anyone to be omniscient. As Asimov was wont to say we will always have the unknown, but this in no way indicates anything is unknowable. I believe in free will and not so much in determinism but I concede that there are different usages of determinism and perhaps some are more conducive to my thinking than others.
  12. Just wanted top say how impressed I am with the replies here. I may have some slight disagreement with a sentence or two said by a person or two but even then that person has (for the most part?) presented his/her case in an informative and thought-provoking way which drives me to think more about the issues rather than simply reacting to them (I know, I know...we should all be thinking more than reacting about these issues...). As for myself, most of my views and poll answers are probably not very controversial here (my answers lined up with most on most questions) but I do have a different take I think on the death penalty I guess. I tend not to put as much import on human life in general as others do, which sounds really bad if I don't clarify. What I mean is not that I am any less civil or any more wanting of delivering death unto humans or animals of any kind for that matter, but in the grand scheme I think that some humans very effectively decide they do not want to be a part of the human race and actively seek to have their rights as human beings taken from them by performing the most atrocious acts imaginable. MOD EDIT: Spoiler tags added. Content contained therein is disturbing. Click at your own risk. That is a degree of evil that warrants us removing them from population permanently. Even if it were possible to somehow fix them what would be the point and why should be deny the very human condition of wanting justice which the victim(s) will have? To me vengeance is a large part of what justice is and not putting such people to death is akin to letting a thief not only keep stolen items but to parade around in front of his victim's house wearing the clothes he stole or driving their stolen car. Of course I could be wrong on this and may change my mind at any time if given reason to but that is my position as of this moment. Then again I was a few years ago an advocate for the 'Torture is fine if we have a terrorist with the location of a nuclear bomb...' (aka the 24 argument) position but am now opposed to torture under any circumstance, so...*shrug*
  13. My problem with this is that it should lead to all manner of luck/stat increases and bonuses whenever a priest casts a heal spell. If HP are some sort of abstraction for, as you describe a combination of several things aside from physique then priests/healers are in effect replenishing luck, stamina, dodgy-ness etc. with every heal spell or first aid usage. Furthermore, and pardon the hypothetical here, say a magic guy casts a spell or grants some mystical bonus to luck or intellect; shouldn't this also raise hit points? And why do 'tougher'/bigger/more physical beings get such greater hit points than some leprechaun rogue who usually wins at gambling? Again, I am just addressing points here with my thoughts on the matter and please do not take this to mean I think people are somehow "stupid" or less intelligent than me (I would be the first person to reject that idea without having to think about it much) for having a different take.
  14. ?!? Where in the HELL did you get THAT from?! Did you actually read what I posted or did you just 'get a feeling' that I intended to do what you think I intended to do? Again, this opinion is noted and has already been addressed by me. You mean I could have expressed myself better so that others did not feel as though I were out to get them. Fair enough and I have already conceded this point as well. And I would argue the exact converse of every point you make here. As far as I can tell using one's own reflexes does not belong in a RPG because you are not playing yourself and turn based combat is far more 'realistic' for a bunch of reasons. But again, to each his own. I have no idea how this question is even relevant to anything I said. I don't recall ever telling ANY game developer to risk money or to adopt ANY position, popular or not. I only stated my own distaste for certain features like auto-heal. I have no idea what Dark Souls is or what it has to do with my positions or points here, nor am I sure what you were trying to say with the "hardcore combat" bit. I think you are reading a LOT into what I wrote... Agreed but, again I am not sure why this is relevant to what I said?
  15. Uh...crap. Can't help you here as the issue is fixed now with that new binary you provided and I would have to go back to the old build to get the old problems and all that. Let me see if I can figure something out and get back to you.
  16. Yeah and if the game cost more than a few dollars I might have stopped to wonder if people still made demos for their games anymore (the last time I downloaded and played a demo was over ten years ago so I honestly did not consider doing so), but I was supporting GOG so they would get more games in this specific genre(turn-based, indie, not-exactly-modern-3D-graphics, with good game play CRPGs). Nothing to do with rationality bud. Let's not drag speculations about "most players" into this guy. Not relevant even if your conclusion were or is true. ?! Ignoring our disagreements about what might be enjoyable, your assertion here makes no sense. Like saying that leather upholstery is used to insure better gas mileage. Yes and here is why: Since the early days of TSR RPG players have repeatedly misused the term "realistic" in the same way as you are misusing "rational". Whenever the subject of "realism" came up in RPG design discussions it was meant as 'logically consistent' and had NOTHING at all to do with the subject matters(fantasy, sci-fi, etc.). What that means is that even in the Marvel Universe one cannot trip over a square- shaped circle while blasting villains with magic bolts or radiation beams. Rationality (I had no idea this word offended so many so I won't use it again after this post) as per my usage here is merely my knack for spotting things which do not make sense to me (in the same way that a cop show where every female in uniform looks like a super model and coroners are chasing bad guys and such will drive me to turn off the TV). I am not at all removing your right to disagree with anything I said so let's keep this friendly. I was trying to be humorous and good natured and I guess I failed. Live and learn eh? @ Alorael - Can't disagree with that.
  17. Wow. I bought both of the Avadons through Gog (and Humble Bundle during that Spiderweb sale?) but I never really got around to playing them and now I am starting to regret buying them based on what you guys are telling me here. For starters I absolutely will not touch a supposed CRPG which does something akin to 'auto-healing' between battles. Hell it bothers me to no end that even the CRPGs I DO like have such lazy design that they allow people to heal up all damage by sleeping for 8 hours or the 'increased hit points with experience' nonsense. The problem with being a rationalist: I cannot shut it off. So I can rarely enjoy a movie or TV show that most people find entertaining because I am almost fully aware of every single nonsensical element (especially regarding behavioral matters) and those things pile up and grate on my nerves. I do not think I will bother trying to play Avadon 1 and will probably never try Avadon 2 either.
  18. I have you beat I think. Not only do I have all of the SW games that GOG has (which is not all of SW's games unfortunately) but I also bought ALL of SW's games from Humble Bundle's sale, plus I bought the registered BoE and BoA when they first came out from Spiderweb. Plus I am pretty sure I own the Geneforges and maybe the Avernums again through Steam (which I have not used in a few years and won't use again of course).
  19. THAT is the message I was getting (sorry for my fuzzy memory)! Thankfully your new binary works like a charm. Very much appreciated!
  20. Yeah I know that a lot of people have no problem with Steam. For me personally it did not accomplish anything good and every time I tried to use it to play any of the games I bought through Steam it was a series of delays and intrusive buggery. Auto-patching, followed by some sort of conflict or problem, asking me to sign in again (and root around for my Steam account information etc. A very Rube Goldberg-ian scheme. I much prefer just double clicking a shortcut to the game I want to play and then playing it right away, rather than go through a series of hurdles and problems with their client and such.
  21. There is but it does not work right. If I pull the drop down menu it lists only three options: One being "All Blades of Exile Saved Games ('.SAV' files), which does nmothing as I previopusly reported here and the other two options are just gibberish...like a series of random characters strung together or something.
  22. For those who did not follow the discussion at the GOG forums; apparently GOG is not interested in Nethergate at this time. The reasons seem to be that, with Geneforge and Avernum they are able to package several games (re: Avernum 1-6 and BoA, Geneforge 1-5, Avadon 1&2) in order to sell them but Nethergate is only one game. They are also not interested in Avernum: Escape from the Pit for much the same reason (plus Jeff's habit of remaking every freaking game every few years or so...).
  23. Adding some more information here: NO BoE (or any other Spiderweb game) saved games ('.sav') show up at all in the character editor but since the character editor searches for "blades.sav" by default in the text/file opening area, if I name a saved game "blades.sav", even though it does not show up in the CE, I can still edit the saved game (to pull a party out of a scenario I don't like or whatever). I have not tried to simply type in the name of a saved game in that field to see if it will work but that is an enormously problematic way to do things anyway. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do about this?
  24. I would strongly recommend you get the Geneforge series from Gog.com and NOT from Steam (unless you have some love for DRM and having to deal with 3rd party clients that force you to go through tons of crap just to play the games). Gog games have NO DRM and do not require you to have or use any 3rd party client.
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