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  1. Okay, I found a solution to this, although I'm not sure it is the intended one. Basically, I let servant minds Alpha and Beta just die (I didn't help them at all) and solely defended Servant Mind Gamma. For whatever reason, the synthesis mind only sends patchwork and war tralls against the gamma mind (none of the rotdhizons!) which are far easier to kill. The other creations don't even bother to come after the other minds after they kill the one they were targeting! I killed two waves against the gamma mind then I went and exacted my revenge on the synthesis mind. With this, I should be able to finally join Alwan's faction and proceed to endgame. (Also, as suggested, I made a bunch of battle alphas. I'm not sure how useful they were; they all ended up dying, but I guess it did help some.)
  2. Okay, I figured out that if I enter combat mode manually immediately after the challenge, the synthesis mind doesn't do its lightning aura ability on the first round letting me get away without dying. I am finding the Rotdhizons extremely difficult to deal with. They have a whole bunch of health (over 1300 or so) and two attacks a round. My damage output (with two War Tralls) is along the lines of 250-400 damage each round, and even with the help of the servant minds' creations, I am not able to kill them fast enough before they absolutely decimate my creations and the servant minds' creations. Their acid is also very brutal as none of the creations seem to have any acid resistance whatsoever and take like 100 damage from acid each round. Does anyone have any advice as to how to deal with the Rotdhizons here? Should I invest a point in magic shaping and bring a wingbolt? (Idk if the Rotdhizons are more vulnerable to magic damage than physical.) (Also, I've gained several levels since I last posted, but I haven't spent any of the skill points. I have like 40 spare skill points to spend. I've been hoarding them because I read that there are trainers after I complete this quest, but I suppose I might have to spend a good chunk to do this quest.)
  3. I am trying to join Alwan's faction, and to do that, I need to complete the control core B quest that involves the synthesis mind. I am currently having a lot of trouble with this quest, so I am wondering if someone could help me. I am currently not able to even survive the initial round of combat after I challenge the synthesis mind. It does its lightning aura radiation thing which wipes out most of my health and then it kills me immediately with its normal attack. My first question is thus: how am I supposed to survive that? I am playing as a lifecrafter on hard difficulty, and the synthesis mind always gets to move before I do. Is this a sign that I am underleveled for the quest? I am at level 22 so far. My stats are as follows (with equipment): Strength - 0, Dexterity - 5, Intelligence - 11, Endurance - 4 Melee - 1, Missile - 3, Quick Action - 2, Parry - 2 Battle Magic - 2, Mental Magic - 2, Blessing Magic - 3, Spellcraft - 0 Fire Shaping - 2, Battle Shaping - 10, Magic Shaping - 1, Healing Craft - 2 Leadership - 10 + 1 = 11, Mechanics - 10 + 2 + 1 = 13, Luck - 1 I can create Fyoras, Roamers, Thahds, Clawbugs, Battle Alphas, and War Tralls. I could also create a wingbolt if I leveled up my magic shaping.
  4. Thanks for the help. I have a follow up question as I discovered that key doesn't unlock all the doors in the area. Apparently, there's another key needed for some of the doors. Do you know if the other one is in the same area?
  5. Where is the key located in the crumbling labs? I can't find it even after searching for it multiple times. The gamefaqs walkthrough was unhelpful; I checked the northeast area multiple times. Here is a link to an image of my minimap; if someone could like circle in red the relevant area, that would be extremely helpful: https://imgur.com/a/sQmWlzf (Also, as a side note, how do you insert images? I tried using the "Insert Image from URL" link using the above link, but when I press "Insert Into Post", it just flashes red and does nothing.)
  6. My experience is that Steam automatically launches when you try to launch a game if it isn't already running. As long as you allow Steam to save your account credentials to the computer, you can launch Steam in offline mode allowing you to play without an Internet connection.
  7. New Years is right around the corner, so I thought that now would be a good time to post this thread. Do you have any New Years resolutions for next year? How have you done on yours from this (soon to be over) year?
  8. It doesn't look like this has been reported before. In the iOS version of the game, suppose you currently have some javelins equipped. Now tap on the javelins and then tap on the same space again. The javelins will disappear without a trace! I have no idea if this is specific to only normal javelins and only to the iOS version of the game. It is rather annoying, and I don't expect a fix with how long the game has been out. I just thought I would point this out to help save others from confusion.
  9. Well, based on what I know (I've never bought GeneForge, but I have played some demos; also, when you refer to the Avernum series, are you talking about the old 1st trilogy, the 2nd trilogy, or the new 1st trilogy?): 1) Avernum is 100% turn-based, but Avadon and Geneforge are both real-action outside of combat. 2) In general, Geneforge is NOT party based; that said, you can create permanent creations if you want. 3) In Avadon, all abilities have cooldowns preventing you from using the same abilities each turn. (There is also a fatigue cost which works like spell points in Avernum, but in general, you use way less of it in Avadon 1 and Avadon 2 while you auto-regenerate fatigue in Avadon 3.) 4) Avadon's stat system is class-based. (Geneforge employs a semi-class-based system by adjusting skill costs.) 5) Unlike Avernum and Geneforge where you can allocate points in abilities at the start, in Avadon, the only decision you make at the start is your main character's class. 6) Avadon has a much more linear plotline compared to the more open-ended nature of Avernum 1 and 2. 7) Unlike Avernum, moral and ethical choices appear in Avadon and Geneforge (a lot more so in Geneforge.) That probably covers some of the major differences. That said, the Avadon series is great, so I would suggest purchasing it. Geneforge is probably good as well.
  10. Why are all the end quests in Avernum 2 so ridiculously hard? I managed to finish all three game-winning quests for Avernum: EftP with an ending level of 29 on normal... Anyway, I'm in the Portal Fortress, and I have found the key located on the east side of the fortress. I then tried to go to the west side of the fortress (because it said the portal was located in the west wing) using the secret entrance, which was no problem, but then I entered the room with a bunch of Vahnahtai Masters and 2 named crystal worker mages, and those two mages deal like 70-120 damage per attack (on Normal--each!) and have a very high amount of health. Do any of you have any tips for this area? I have 1 dual spellcaster, a tank that using polearms, a dual-wielding ninja (has skill with thrown missiles and some dex in addition to strength and melee weapon competency), and a priest archer (high dex; mainly a support role). All 4 party members are level 27, and I have already maxed hardiness on both my warriors (the ninja and the tank). My dual spellcaster and priest have trained in resistance, although they aren't quite maxed yet. (And yes, my dual-spellcaster has adrenaline rush as well as my tank and my ninja...) Obviously, I'm approaching the level cap, but I feel that the game-winning quests are a bit ridiculously tough compared to A:EftP especially considering I'm playing on Normal. (And no, reducing the difficulty is hardly an option because 1) I miss out on the medal and 2) It will suck the fun out of the game because I will easily kill everything). (So far, I've only managed to rescue one of the Crystal Souls.... I don't know where one of them is, and the other in Angierach... That's a ridiculously tough quest as well....)
  11. (I'm assuming this is the correct way of doing this. Literally no one has posted in this forum in the past 2 or so years... Also, does the scenario review page on Spiderweb's website actually get checked? I originally sent a review that way, but then I remembered this subforum plus I wanted to write my review differently than how I submitted it there.) Good Things - Great Concept - A captivating story (at least at the beginning) Bad Things - One place where you literally have to bash your head against every wall looking for a secret door without any reasonable indicator where the secret door is. (Oh, did I mention that it was a 64x64 town too? (Or at least it really felt like it was...) - Balance; in my opinion, the game was generally too easy for the majority of the game up until the last two fights where it then got insanely tough. Part of this has to do with losing stuff at the beginning, but I still think a bit more consistency would've helped. - Lack of a person to identify items. - A very vague clue as to what you lose at the beginning that most people are not going to pick up on. Still, for me, I give this a GOOD (3.52/5.00) rating.
  12. Okay, I actually got the master branch to compile on my end, and I found a (very quick) fix to one of the issues I brought up above (if I get a chance to, I may try to upload it to Github, but for now, I'll simply post it here because it is easier for me): 9) Checking for "Anama Member" trait results in an out-of-bounds error (and a related error): In file boe.specials.cpp around line 3185: case eSpecType::AFFECT_TRAITS: if(pc_num >= 100) break; if(spec.ex1a < 0 || spec.ex1a > 15) { showError("Trait is out of range (0 - 15)."); break; } spec.ex1a > 15 should be changed be changed to 16. (Anama Member is trait number #16.) Likewise, the error message should be updated accordingly. Make a similar adjustment also around line 3503 for the IF_TRAIT case. Edit: Also, why is it that running a release build is more stable than running a debug build? For instance, the following line of code triggers an out-of-bounds exception most of the time in the debug build (using MSVC on Windows) but it seems to get skipped entirely in the release build: (Around line 322 of boe.graphutil.cpp:) cVehicle& in_boat = univ.party.boats[univ.party.in_boat]; cVehicle& in_horse = univ.party.horses[univ.party.in_horse]; This triggers an out-of-bounds exception when trying to enter a scenario because the code use any number greater than or equal to zero to indicate an actual boat, but it uses -1 to indicate not in a boat, and when the scenario loads, it tries to access univ.party.boats[-1]. I would change it to look like this: cVehicle* in_boat = univ.party.in_boat >= 0 ? &univ.party.boats[univ.party.in_boat] : nullptr; cVehicle* in_horse = univ.party.in_horse >= 0 ? &univ.party.horses[univ.party.in_horse] : nullptr; (Then, in the loops, test the pointer and if valid, dereference it for the comparison.) Do something similar around line 354. Edit2: 5) Priest spells menu lists mage spells for some reason: Around line 238 of boe.menus.win.cpp: eSpell spell = cSpell::fromNum(eSkill::MAGE_SPELLS, on_spell_menu[1][i]); The MAGE_SPELLS should be changed to PRIEST_SPELLS. A little bit farther down: AppendMenuA(spell_menu, MF_STRING | MF_ENABLED, 2000 + int(spell), sout.str().c_str()); Should be 2900, not 2000. Edit3: 10) Invalid shop type error occurs when using the shopping node during dialogue: Around line 839 in boe.dlgutil.cpp: if(d < 0 || d > 11) { showError("Invalid shop type!"); return; } Pretty sure the issue here is that d isn't used and is normally -1 when creating new dialogue nodes whereas in Warrior's Grove, the value is 0. I'm pretty sure you meant to check b here, but if that is the case, I do have to ask -- why only 12 shops? Also, bug/suggestion 13) Whenever you exit shopping mode, the bottom part of the screen starts flashing. Edit4: 1) The Save command does not seem to work. In function do_load (located around line 2178) of boe.actions.cpp: void do_load() { fs::path file_to_load = nav_get_party(); if(file_to_load.empty()) return; if(!load_party(file_to_load, univ)) return; finish_load_party(); if(overall_mode != MODE_STARTUP) post_load(); menu_activate(); } Adding univ.file = file_to_load; after post_load() should make save work properly (like it used to.) (At least in the normal game -- not sure about the character editor.) Also, bug/suggestion #14) An out of range exception was triggered when trying to export graphics. The code being executed when the exception occurred is around line 1167 of universe.cpp: for(mon_num_t monst : party.imprisoned_monst) { if(monst != 0) check_monst(scenario.scen_monsters[monst]); } (It could be having something do with negatives, but not certain. The value of monst was 52428 but scenario.scen_monsters had a size of 191.) Edit5: There is one case I missed with fixing the save bug (new parties): In boe.actions.cpp around line 2685: fs::path file = nav_put_party(); if(!file.empty()) save_party(file, univ); Add right below that last line: univ.file = file; 14) Exiting a scenario may cause a crash when it tries to export graphics: In party.cpp around line 45: for(int i = 0; i < 6; i++) adven[i] = new cPlayer(*this, party_preset, i); Add the following right below this: for (auto& monst : this->imprisoned_monst) monst = 0; 15) You cannot equip two one-handed weapons at once: In pc.cpp around line 566: if(equip_item_type != eItemCat::MISC) { for(int i = 0; i < items.size(); i++) if(equip[i] && (*items[i].variety).exclusion == equip_item_type) { if(do_print && print_result) { print_result("Equip: You have something of this type"); print_result(" equipped."); } return false; } } Change the outermost if statement to something like this: if(equip_item_type == eItemCat::MISSILE_AMMO || equip_item_type == eItemCat::MISSILE_WEAPON) { Edit6: 11) Using b in talk mode mentions the fact you cannot bash doors in that mode Looking at a comment in the code somewhere, this appears to be feature-by-design rather than a bug. Considering that the shortcut keys a-h are commonly used when talking, shopping, or getting, I would highly encourage reverting this design change. (Hearing that you cannot bash doors while purchasing items is kinda obnoxious and unnecessary.)
  13. (Personally, I disagree with that. While I can understand why you would find that to be best, it is very inconvenient for most people especially considering that OBoE has external dependencies that make it more difficult to build.) Anyway, it has been a while since I've posted here. Since I feel like this thread deals with OBoE in general, I'll post a few thoughts here: (Fyi: This is going off the latest Windows build that Celtic posted a zip for, so it is probably a bit of an older build.): 1) I noticed above that you state that save doesn't work. Has this been fixed yet (and if not, why not)? 2) Can we please use a different color (darker green would probably work) for the HP on the interface? The light green hurts my eyes a lot. (I'm pretty sure it was darker in the original version, but I may be mistaken.) 2b) Likewise, can we avoid using light green for items in the inventory? 3) It is not a major issue, but the screen does flicker a lot whenever a dialog box is open. Is there any way to reduce this? I'm going to see if I can actually make a scenario that works using the new scenario editor. Edit: 4) The game crashed when I tried to look at the info for a completed quest. (I cannot get this one to reproduce, but there is definitely something strange going on when trying to look at the info of a completed quest.) 5) The priest spells menu lists mage spells instead of priest spells for some reason. Edit2: 6) After finishing a quest, I tried to award the player with 250 XP. The system apparently has a problem with this as it says "Too much xp - Report this". (Granted, I forgot that Exile had a base XP of 100 per level; I'm used to it being a thousand.) 7) I think there may be an issue with viewing monster lore in the menu when using the arrows. Edit3: 8) There is some issue with "Set Scenario Timer". Pressing the OK button causes a crash with an error message of "time11 does not exist in dialog edit-scenario-events.xml". (There is no issue with 'Set Town Timer'.) Edit4: 9) Checking for the "Anama Member" trait results in a non-fatal out-of-bounds error. 10) "Invalid Shop Type" error appears whenever I use the shopping node type during dialogue. (There's no issue with this in Warrior's Grove but I cannot get this to work in a scenario without Warrior's Grove.) Edit5: 11) Pressing 'b' activates the bashing door message even when talking. 12) Something about alchemy is also presented when using 'b' to bash door.
  14. I believe you are supposed to run for the stairs. The Shade continues summoning until it's dead or you go down the stairs.
  15. This does not appear to be the issue as it fails with SCons as well (same errors). It certainly did find ZLIB, so it's definitely not missing.
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