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  1. I did it! That was a tough job. More than 100 hours of real time, but I think I did all the quests. I made a big mistake and forgot to look at my notes. Killing Judith in Shayder before she could tell me her secret was a stupid idea - reload and many hours for nothing. Conclusion: A great game and I almost enjoyed it the most of the three so far. Thanks again to everyone for your tips. P.S.: Is this 160d event worth it? I'd have to get around 20 days.
  2. thx TriRodent! Leaving an reentering made it. I can hardly believe it! I've walked past the switch like ten times...
  3. Does anyone know how I can get to the box behind the pillars? It's in the Tower of Zkal. I have tried all possible combinations of portals - no chance, and I don't find any switch for it.
  4. 70 hours real time and 80 days in game I have defeated the Troglos and Giants and still so many places to revisit cause of missing DB3, but - Northern Provinces, I'm coming 😈 I love these SW games and really looking forward to Avernum 4-6 btw - concealed tunnels was a pain in the ***. I fought the Troglos and Giants for an hour and it never ended. Then I had to fall back on a save and just marched down.
  5. Hi Ian It's funny. I played a Spiderweb game on the iPad years ago and then totally forgot about it. Now I'm playing the third one in a row and I'm still totally hooked. I wonder if it's because of my age - I'm 50 cheers Anderl
  6. I will, thx! My plan after A3RW is to play Avernum 4-6 and the Avadon series in a row - enough for a long time.
  7. Thanks guys With a lot of patience and even more reloading I was able to wipe out everything except for the chitrachs. I have now gone to the surface and explore there first of all everything - it is slowly getting better. The thing with the friendly fire I had to experience painfully right at the first fight. Only one thing still makes me a little pensive. If I needed about 50 hours for the first two games, now I probably need 150.
  8. Hello all I just played A1:EftP and A2:CS on normal and have now started A3:RW on hard, because normal was a bit easy. I'm not sure if that was a wise decision. My party consists of 1 DW, 2 mages and 1 priest. I'm currently - I think - on level 3 and have defeated the bandits and goblins by the skin of my teeth. In New Formella, these alien spiders and worms wipe me out in no time. Daze or not, I don't feel like I can hit anything. To cut a long story short, is this normal on hard mode and do I just have to be more patient or am I just too stupid?
  9. Greetings to all I have the old iPad mini with jailbreak and I modified the lockpick and hidden switches files directly with iFile including backup and it works like a charm
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