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  1. Another important thing about Anne Rice vampires, holy symbols doesn’t matter, in fact, a vampire (Lestat) ventured to heaven and brought with him back the holy veil of Veronica. And Rice's vampires are not the typical evil villain. They are powerful, beautiful (in a twisted, twisted way) creatures that mortal humans minds cannot comprehend.
  2. I like the Anne Rice version best really... Once there was a king and a queen of egypt, Akasha and Enkil. The land thrived under them, and everyone was happy, but then Enkil decided to check out some old chamber, he didn't come back, so Akasha decided to check on him, as she entered the chamber, she was imbued with the soul of the vampires, and she made Enkil a vampire. A vampire is made by another vampire, or by a VERY powerfull witch, the way a vampire make another vampire is by first sucking the victims blood and then replacing it with some of their own blood. This is called the dark gift. Most vampires are at least over 400-500 years old, and thus very wise, and fluent in many languages. If a vampire is exposed to sunlight, it will burn to death, but the time it takes for them to burn depends on the age and power of a vampire. A vampire made by a strong vampire is naturaly strong. Not all vampires are evil by nature, many wish not to be, and one vampire lived on rats and other animals for years. The legend of dracula and other vampire stories are frowned upon and despised by real vampires. Vampires can not reproduce, but that don't mean they have no sexuall contact, they have a lot of it in fact. Names to remember is: Akasha aka. Queen of the Damned Lestat Enkil Marius Pandora Makare Maharet Most of this I collected from stuff my cousin told me, she has read a damn amount of Anne Rice books, and I have only read one, so the info might not be 100% accurate, theres a lot of important stuff that I have not added too...
  3. I plan on doing it, that way I can get my own printer back from my sis too, dad says I'll get it back when I have used up all the ink in the printer I have now. EDIT: Propably just getting paranoid here, propably, but in my docs it says its 55 pages, and not 110... EDIT 2: Duh, just forget about it, I was looking at the game manual.
  4. Ah, compatibility (sp?) mode has worked some times for me on older games too... You should try it.
  5. I have experienced something like that on my laptop. Try Ctrl+Alt+Del, and see if you can find a proces named commonname or something like that.
  6. NoD (If its allright), after what i know, Jeff don't have the resources to do such a thing, but i would have been cool with "Real" 3d, i agree.
  7. Yeah, I like the idea of a shaper lab, and monster pieces, and i would have liked it if Jeff puts much work into it, so that it became an important ellement. Maby I like it if you was an more important character, like a shaper teacher,and not a mere aprentice.
  8. The only thing that has not been said before that i can come up with is: Please, i want more graphs for the agent, shaper and guardian. Not just new paint jobs!
  9. I have buyed Avernum 3 for mac, but i wanna have it for my PC to. Can i use my registration code for the mac version for the PC version? And by the way can i use Mac saves on PC version?
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