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  1. Hello, Just a quick question about the skyrise farm ghost. Is there a boss to fight in here ? When I enter the underground I have a message to tell me there's "something" but I don't see anything... Do I need a special character ? Also I bought all the available stuff for the farm but I don't see any difference.... Is it normal ? On another note : I find the game much harder than the first Avadon... Ok, I play it in torment against hard (but I found it bery easy), but.... there's so much stuff I need to reload at ! Any fight I wasn't prepared for and my party wype... And I find the bosses so hard ! Just managed to kill Hundred Claws after at least 10 trys (lvl 18-19 party), I don't think I can do Khremess yet, not before one or two levels.... Do I just suck or is the game way harder ? I beat Redbeard on the first one without as much difficulties (4 trys on hard).... One last question : is it profitable to up Dex on a tank blademaster ? I know it's far less effective than in the first Avadon but I thought the evade chance + the fire resistance was worth it.... now, I don't know anymore...
  2. I just wanted to thank Lilith and Randomizer : I followed your advices and respe... The difference is incredible for just 4 misplaced skill points ! Now Nathalie is at more than 70% base elemental resistance, with a lot of absorb... even Zephyrine only scratch her on hit (never more than 20 damages... on crit) ! She now tanks magic (a lot) more than my blademaster. Really, thank you a lot ! I discover the spiderweb universe with avadon (even if I bought several other games a long time ago) and what I discover really please me : great game, great story, interesting mechanisms, great community (and very reactive !).... Cannot wait to do Avadon 2 and the Avernum games I own ! In fact I have juste one reproach with the game (and I hope it's not the same with the others) : the "secret" switches are far too difficult to view on high resolution.... Nearly invisble in 1920*1080... but thanks to Jerakeen's map it's not a real bother !
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer. I just got the rob of the sorceress and her resistances did a big jump ! I'm now at 47% without changing anything else. I think I figured it out : I thought when you unlock a new ability via skillpoints, like the elemental resistance of ward matery, you gain the bonus for every points spend in skill. So, for me, ward mastery should have given 70% elemental resistance (10% / level). In fact, it's 10% per level from the needed level to unloick it, so 10% at level 7, 20% at 8, etc... Am I wrong ? it's pretty confusing. My main is a blademaster I played as a tank / mele dps till recently when I realized that with a bow and proper skills I could make a ton of damages without any downside. But for the most part of the game I had my tank with low damage and I played Nathalie as pure damage dealer, so her equipment is purely damage oriented without any resistance. I din't have any issue with that till recently (and in fact I still don't have, apart from the very big bosses of the game, the only ones able to kill my blademaster). For the most part I find the game very easy (I play in hard).
  4. Hello, I greatly enjoy the game (my first playthrough), but there's something I just don't understand : Nathalie is extremely frail against magical attacks... to say the least. I currently am lvl 27, I have 7 points in ward mastery and my magic/fire/cold resistance is at 29%.... I don't understand. I play with Jenell too, only 6 points in Hardiness and she is at 43% resistance (no other bonus) with only one agility point more... and has twice as much hps. From what I read on the forum, a high level sorceress should be near immune to magical damages.... Actually, against difficult foes, she often dies in one round. Is this a bug ? She takes a lot less damages from physical attacks... Or is this normal and should I consider bringing another characters to fight, say, Zephyrine or Beloch ? Thank you
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