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  1. so I got avadon and played it a bunch, did every side quest. then I got busy and forgot about the game. i started up again and I just finished shima's quest. now I have to goto the tower and kill the lord with the rogue wizard. I don't want to sound mean or lame but i am kinda done with this game. it was fun, but I am ready for the end. how much further do I have until the end of the game? I tried searching for quests but could not find one with a chronology.
  2. not often does a kind post make me laugh out loud. it was nice of him..but yeah...but it is pinned.
  3. explain restart the fight. how far?
  4. so I just got killed twice fighting beloch at level 27. I could go buy resurrection scrolls and stuff, but I a cheap bastard in real life and in game. I like to play with sevillin, myself as shadowmaster, and the shaman (jenell?) anyway, what builds would be best to murder the crap out of him... I don't have enough in ranged i think i would retrain those. any other words of wisdom from the hardcore avadon fans?
  5. I am pretty sure I killed all the bandits in beraza. but I did not get this achievement. I never used any cheats...and I am getting other acheievemments...so ......hmm.
  6. I guess what bothered me the most is that often the drakes were far out of range. even their attacks were out of range. it was sort of absurdist. I was left thinking....I am in fight, and I have no idea what to attack, because it is like a chess board and I have only so much AP. I have played a lot of AP based games. fallout 1, 2. the new age of decadence. baldurs gate...eschalon stuff. etc....this was first battle where the AP system felt broken as related to fighting not because the fight was too hard but because it was too big a space and too long.
  7. ok that was a wierd fight. I could not tell if I was winning or not. I kept knocking the [censored] ouf of some of the illusions...getting messages occasonally that I had hurt the real one, but then none of them looked damaged later unless it was the one I was currently hitting. very wierd. the messages said the fake ones sparkled but I could always see at least two that did not sparkle, so I was never sure which one to go after. I used more scrolls and stuff than ever before. i was actually getting pretty bored for the first time in a fight. BORED. I checked facebook in the middle. FACE
  8. I felt no shame in bullying mert. mert had to know that his "protector" was a criminal. mert is the kind of loser who made nazi germany happen. why? because he was more concerned with his own safety than the fact that the tough guy protecting him was an evil man. mert went on and on about how important the stone code was, but then he is willing to let it slide that his protector is a murderous thug. he is a hypocrite and weak. it would have been nice if you could have had more dialouge options where you appeal to the stone code and say that a truly honorable man would not let a murderer get a
  9. So this criminal ambushed and murdered hands. and seems to be a pretty cruel BLANK. I was gonna murder the !%#$! out of him what he for did to Sevillin no matter what. I was thinking, when he said "wait!", "don't care if you are my brother, don't care if redbeard told you too, don't care dont care..go BLANK yourself." cause my PC takes bribes and hunts people for money, but he has a code, and this guy is a brigand who murdered my friends friends who happen to be from avadon. so redbeard gave him a pardon. who cares? we did not know that, so that means that most people did not know that. w
  10. so the training is worth it? I saved and paid 3k when I only have 6k to the mage lady in castle V. for that much money my armor went from 63% to 64%. wow.
  11. awesome sauce! thank you for your help, Lililth.
  12. "junk items like tongs, vases, etc make places looklike real area where some1 lives/lived" I never said I mind the items being there, in fact I said quote: "[you could] take them out of the game. which seems extreme. or the awesome sauce answer... have every useless item give you exactly one gold when sold I think it is pretty obvious that I favored door number 2---leave them in, but make them worth one gold. I am level 27 and had 6000 gold. if I had gotten every little item in game that might add about 500 gold that is not game breaking.
  13. how do you put scarabs on npcs? they always leave my party in avadon?
  14. i have hit the bereza woods. I have like 17 lockpicks saved up cause early on i had so few. i opened up the stuff in goldcrag but none it seemed worth the money and I had better gear. so where should I go apickin?
  15. i know spiderweb is probably not going to update avadon. but they should. they should make 2 or 3 minor changes, put game on 25% sale, and have the faithful fans do media blitz. here are two biggest, quickest easiest changes. 1) when you goto the map and leave an area.....there should be round icon to go back to avadon. it is nonfunctional and [censored]ing annoying that I have to goto goldcrag or whereever and walk through an area first. it might be different if there was respawn or events, to suggest that getting to the pylon was hard. but it is not hard., it just su
  16. so I have been saving up my 401k in avadon. I have like 5000. a) the stuff in stores is not as good armor/weapons wise as what quest bosses drop should I buy potions/etc. I was using them only a bit but then I fought zepheryine.. wow. c) what should I buy d) is training with that lady up near where the shadow beast was worth it? thank you if you read this. double thanks if you answer.
  17. kind of annoying that your best option is metagame. it seems you should leave the quest alone, then meet here, not tell her about your hunt for her, then get her quest, then finish it, then reveal you have quest to kill her, then do so. at a much higher level.
  18. So early on when I saw angevine had like a million bodyguards i thought it best to be friends. (also her backstory made sense) anyway, it is many levels later, and she gives no quests. time to die. only I can't see to fight her.
  19. I found my problem. the hunter was gone. I just had to explore dialouge option in a different way. she gave quest. I had already murdered the crap out of the widow of bones so that was nice.
  20. ok so I never told that [censored] mage anything. I did not tell anyone I met in the actual stead. but since the people in the stead where close-mouthed I just set off and killed the beast. now I hear there are quests. but I can't get runner to talk to me. I read he should if you did not spill beans to mage.
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