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  1. Hmmmm, I like this comment. Also, related to Leadership, Geneforge is a video game where you have a dialogue tree, not freedom of choice like in a real life RPG. Thanks!
  2. Eh. I won't, don't worry Thanks for the answer!
  3. Dammit. Thanks nonetheless. Say, if one wanted to play Avernum or Geneforge as-is, crunch-heavy, purely by post, where the forum handles the dice rolling and calculations can be made fairly quickly (in terms of relative time), how would you predict the overall experience to be?
  4. Could said Alorael have a way of retrieving said page with help from the Wayback Machine?
  5. Thanks for the references (and greeting )! However, I was looking for a more literal conversion to pnp (in this case it would have to be pbp, since doing all the calculations in real time would be a pain in the neck), not unlike the Fallout PnP. Which I wouldn't see as being as hard as converting to D&D, actually, since (if I recall correctly) there is detailed knowledge of the game inner workings, such as stat calculation and effects, and weapon damage dice. Any other pearls of wisdom you can give?
  6. Greetings, everyone! I have been playing Spiderweb's games for about four years or so now, and I have been lurking in these forums for about three years (I may even have made one or two posts, but nothing relevant). I recently ran a Google search, as well as one in these forums, for Geneforge or Avernum conversions to a Pen & Paper RPG. How many results did it return? Google returned one post (not even a thread) where someone expressed their interest on such a thing. These forums returned, if I recall correctly, one single thread where someone did a bit of conversion to D&D 3.5
  7. If he is not english, it may hinder his (or her) ability to write properly, right? I suggest you take some time to read as many works on your intended genre before you start writing.
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