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  1. Has anyone heard if they will be porting more of the older GameStop the iPad, I saw that they had quite a few games out but only 4 have been ported for the iPad. It wouldn't be to hard for someone who knows what there doing to port these game would it.?
  2. As of posting this I have only tried the one for the 500gp and it worked. Allows you to see all NPC's on the map, even in areas that haven't been covered. showmeall Disables showmeall. dontshowmeall Gives your main character a cake. giveasnack Instantly gives your party 500 gold. iampoor Instantly gives your party a level. iamweak Provides War/Resistance/Shield Chant as well as Haste. shieldsup Resets your characters skill points and abilities; allowing you to change how your character is. retrain Restores everone's Vitality to full as well as resets the cooldown of all of their
  3. Will we be getting this on the iPad anytime soon.?
  4. Brought all 3 games that are out for the iPad. First up my stam I missed the part that told me how to raise it again. Secondly those cheats to make secret doors and whatnot easier to see can this be done on the iPad somehow.? That's it for now cept for I stopped playing Baldurs gate for Avadon and I am enjoying more so far thanks for any help.
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