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  1. Once possibility is using that shaman wind spell that immobilizes the target. I could keep quaffing potions to use that ability as often as necessary, and that would also allow frequent castings of mass heal. The real problem with that battle is the fear effect though. Hard to do much when 1-3 of your party is fleeing in terror. Otherwise it would be pretty simple to keep throwing scrolls and potions at the problem.
  2. Thanks everyone. I have to say, as much of a pain as it was to explore the Core with those golems chasing me the whole time, it was pretty damn fun figuring out how to evade them. I'm actually glad I did it this way. What I did was send two party members to retrieve the items, while I left one by a stairway to the sewers. That way I could instantly escape underground no matter where the other two were, or even if they were both killed. As long as I got the item in my inventory before they were killed it was ok. I also sacrificed pets as roadblocks to slow the golems down.
  3. I found Duke Gryfyn, but can't stop him from reaching the portal and escaping. Is there another chance to fight him later, and I'm not supposed to catch him this time? Or is there some way of thwarting his escape? I've been using summoned pets, knockback/immobilizing abilities, none of it has been able to do more than delay him from reaching the portal by a round or two.
  4. I've been putting golden runestones on top tier weapons, and deep runestones on top tier armor. Then some boosts to endurance are pretty handy.
  5. I've stockpiled a massive amount of runestones, but can't decide which ones to use. Is there any optimal strategy for which runestones to use on late-game top tier items?
  6. I found the Blademaster's Bulwark. It's on the surface in another ruin just west of where you get the meteor, on a dead body. Now I just need to find those greaves!
  7. Is that the nest in the upper NW with the Wizard's Bow? There's a hidden switch I used to get there.
  8. Thanks! I guess I'll take the stone. Hm, good to know for Dheless. On this playthrough he didn't trust me, because I've been fighting against the rebels. What item does he give?
  9. Also, there are Avengers Greaves hidden somewhere but I have no idea where.
  10. I have a question about Heart Protus after the final Miranda quest. If I speak against Redbeard and take the countering stone, does that force me to betray Redbeard later? Or can I still get the loyal ending and become a heart, even if I plotted with Protus and have the stone in my inventory? If I can still choose later I'd take the stone, so I can get both the loyal and disloyal endings with as little replay as possible. Otherwise I'll have to make another save file and come back.
  11. Spoilers for Corruptions Core zone ahead... So I completed the final Miranda battle, but foolishly didn't bother to search every nook and cranny in the core for loot first. Now every time I go back I have those constructs chasing me evertwhere. Despite this I've managed to do some more exploring, and found a few nice items like the Meteor and the Wizard's Bow. Is there anything else I should look out for? I found a list saying the Blademaster's Bulwark was somewhere around there, but can't find it.
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