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  1. Same problem (on imac, flicker, freeze, force quit, etc...). Very annoying. It improved a little bit when I set the game with "Draw fewer graphics" but the problem eventually came back. Are you playing on Steam ? If so, the solution is here: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/queenswish/support.html#MacIssues It just says to turn off Steam Overlay in the game setting (can be tricky to find). Problem solved. Except, it just happened once again since then so it's much, much better.
  2. Doing all main and side quests, I guess you would rather finish around level 35. Whatever, this can be adjusted. The point is that the game loses a lot (most) of interest when the progression is stopped. It becomes so boring. To answer another argument; you may have a possibility to finish the game early (follow the main quest) but, if you want to make more muscles (and more sidequests) you should have the choice.
  3. Don't limit character progression. Biggest flaw of Avadon 2, like Avadon, like Avernum series, is the maximum experience level. It becomes pointless to make sidequests, no more progression long before ending the game, just boring.
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