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  1. Subject title says it all. I read another post about how weak archers are now, but would strength get their damage up? I always go with the classic setup - Fighter, Archer, Mage, Priest. Even with Heartstriker bow though, my archer isn't pulling her weight. Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to save this Neph? I can keep him safe through the battle in the Arena, but once it's time to dash for the portal, Kerrorr seems intent on running into the city and attacking any Slith he can. I don't suppose his presence near the portal will allow him to teleport out, but is there a way to save him? Also, is it possible to stay and wipe out the entire city? Or will Slith simply keep respawning ad infinitum? Thanks.
  3. So ... I finally got a boat and started the mission to assassinate someone in Formello. Along the way, I encountered a few garrisons which seemed inevitable. And now, Khrez-Yss has arrived to kick my ass and I'm wondering if I should have been stealthier, or if this is a scripted event. Have I blown the mission? The Horde has become aware of my presence in their lands, so did I ruin it? Just curious, thanks.
  4. Ahhhh, a boat, of course. I forgot the joy of finally getting a boat so you can sail to all those areas you can glimpse at but not reach. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I cannot find where this lair is. I swear I've searched everywhere. I go down the winding stairs and get to the Dragon's Gate but I can't open it. I found a circular room nearby with crystals shimmering and a dead miner, but there's nothing to do there. I've searched everywhere for a wall switch. Every path leads to a dead end. I must be missing something obvious. Any help would be appreciated. Been running around that maze for two hours looking to finish the area up. Is there a map somewhere?
  6. So there's a miner in the Western reaches somewhere, name of Prenvil. A commander at the excavation site said he was in the tunnels south of their base, but I can't locate him. Anyone found him?
  7. Yeah I tried all night, last night, to save Nichol too. But he wouldn't retreat to the gate. Hard to know when it's a script you can alter or not. Only after finishing the quest for Gnass did I read a bit about being able to save the son. Once he started attacking me, it seemed unavoidable. Almost started over to get it right. And I still wonder if there's a way to give some food to the couple in the Food Depot, the ones who slip back into the hallway. At that point, I had lots of meat and bread and I kept trying to get a dialog script that would allow me to just hand them some food. (Oh yeah
  8. Beautiful work Jeff. The new graphics are fantastic, the organic, natural layout of the bottom panel, cool spell effects. Just starting at the Food Depot, getting the feel of it, but a great vibe with this game from the get-go. So ... backpack items no longer count against your Encumberance? That will certainly save on all those trips back to town to sell things. You know, there was a screenshot on the info page, and I remember thinking "wow he has a lot of stuff."
  9. Just wanted to express how cool it is that it's Friday night, a weekend ahead, a new climactic RPG to play. Fantastic. What a cool feeling. Of course, this weekend, in a long tunnel between Sweden and France, scientists renew experiments on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) which hurls protons at each other, at unbelievable speeds, in an attempt to expand our understanding of physics. Still, basically the machine is attempting to create fundamental energy, perhaps like that which existed in the moments after the Big Bang. Theoretically, a number of interesting events could happen. So
  10. I've been a fan of Jeff Vogel's games for many years. I played Exile 1 and thought it was coolest thing ever. Every once in a while, still, a friend of mine and I talk about how diabolically hard the Golem factory in Exile III was. (Way too hard. Way, way too hard.) I lamented the party size being reduced to 4 for the Avernum series, got used to it though, and was thrilled by the continuing storyline. Avernum 5 was great fun, well written, with great gameplay enhancements. Never got into the first-person RPGs like WOW, Neverwinter Nights. Haven't bought a new computer in 7 years, so I can
  11. OK just outside the entrance to Beastkeeper Vyck's lair, there are two alcoves with fake secret door buttons. On the other side of the mountain is an area with graymold, other stuff, inacessable by boat because of a shelf of rocks. How do you open the secret door here? I saw on a map .jpg it's there, but I can't figure it out. Help. Thanks. Cheers.
  12. I cannot find these bats. Where East of that guy's tower?
  13. I knew it had something to do with those. Really should have figured that one out. Alright, station the team around the sarcophogi and hold the fort. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Hello all. Long time fan of Jeff's work, all the way back to the first Exile. I'll never forgive him for the moving floors in the factory in Exile III, but the man creates the best RPGs in the world. Alright - Soultaker's Pit and the Master of the Pit. I make my way to the Master, the bridges fall, I can't do much damage to the guy, suddenly I'm cursed and within three or four turns, my party dies outright. It must have something to do with the sarcophogi in the corners, but brute force doesn't do it, so I must be missing something. How do I manage this fight? Thanks.
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