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  1. Also, you can sail the boat back up the rapids, if you're referring to the Portage. Just click above it and the boat will go there. No, your party isn't impossibly strong - you'll be carrying the boat up. The first time you descend the Portage, there's a text box that explains this, but it's very easy to click through and not notice.
  2. Athron - to speak with Athron, you have to be persistent and impose on the dragon a bit. Look for a hidden switch. Portal location / Scepter - I wondered about Madhavi's lack of response to these accomplishments as well. I believe you are on your own. Once you have the scepter and know the location, it's up to you to simply go there and deal with things.
  3. Wait ... you play with a Singleton on Normal (giving you base stats well above what the game expects you to have) while also using the editor to give yourself free Cave Lore, Arcane Lore and Tool Use (giving you 30+ extra points to allocate to combat/defense skills) ... and you're compaining the combat is repetitive and dull? Try playing a four character party on Torment without using the editor - see if that makes it more interesting for you.
  4. The icon for Crystal Souls shows as a generic app icon. I can see in the package contents there is a circular icon there, but I don't know how to make the app use it. I've looked around for info on how to change it, but nothing conclusive. Cleared the PRAM, checked permissions, nothing. Mac OSX 10.6, icons have always worked before. Gotta have that Vogel border in the dock. Thanks.
  5. Trying to find the garbage patch with the Forager Boots. Need that point of Cave Lore. "The List" describes it as SW (general area) North of Cotra. There is a patch immediately north outside the ruins. And it keeps giving me the option to search but I don't find anything. I experimented with the editor, maxing Cave Lore (just to see if that was the obstacle) but that didn't do it. Searched high and low in the area north of Cotra, but no garbage patch. Where do I search?
  6. Answer: Take your team into the tunnel just east of the tower, south of Formello. This draws them from the coast and gives you time to return and land the boat. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Loving the game, but one problem - outdoor, random monsters are blocking both paths to Solberg's Tower and they won't go away. I already did the Inspect Tower quest, but I know I'll need to come back here later. Will they vanish by then? Is there a code to take them away? Am I not landing my boat correctly? I assume I shouldn't worry about it, but it bothers me that I can't get back there. Apart from this though - loving the increased number of random outdoor encounters. Though I had to flee from Slith for a while. "Run Away !!!!"
  8. I'm a diligent, persistent herb collector. Once all the herbs respawn, it only takes about a minute to run around to all seven locations - start on foot with the Healing Herbs north of Cotra, down to the Healing Herbs between Silvar and Fort Avernum, down to the Spiritual Herbs east of Metris, shortcut through the Honeycomb to the Energetic Herbs (trying to avoid the merchants) - double back to my boat off the shore of Fort Dranlon, boat north to the Healing Herbs by the Monestary, back south and west and north to the Graymold, then a jaunt west into Giant Lands for the Mandrake. Take the boat
  9. I'm planning a two character run and trying to estimate how levelled they'll become. A 4 player party with persistent herb collection gets to Level 38. My singleton hit the ceiling of Level 61 with 51 Wisdom Crystals left over. Factoring XP split between two characters, with a little more XP earned than a singleton mid-game since they won't be as high level-wise, I'm thinking they'll hit Level 45 before the Wisdom Crystal rush. Anyone tried a two character run?
  10. Oh, I know. My character, Reaver Storm, has been untouchable for a while. I'm only playing on hard, first time attempt at a singleton. Those passive gains from Primary Attributes really put you ahead of the curve. Watching a circle of giants all swing and miss, dragons, demons, might hit me once every ten tries. Next singleton attempt will be Torment.
  11. That was a surprise. What am I going to do with the 51 Wisdom Crystals I have left over? For the curious, this is a singleton game (one character only.) The top level I've reached in a four character party is level 38, twice.
  12. A tip for the invulnerability basin: don't use it until the end of the fight with Drath, when the notice arrives that Drath is close to death and about to expel massive amounts of energy. In fact, a good strategy is to fall back to that room and stand near the basin, let Drath follow you and get out of reach of all his helpers spells. One thing about the Sulfras fight with the room full of Golems. The player should really get XP for those things. I understand low level summoned creatures not giving XP, but a room full of powerful Golems and a dragon - there should be some decent XP there.
  13. You should also know that if you help out Kyass with Pyrog's Papers (as well as Drath's Tome) you will have access to many spells and skills at "pretty average" prices, which is about as good as it gets, fiscally.
  14. I've always wondered if Demonslayer isn't cursed somehow. I have two fighters and I progress their stats and skills identically. And whoever wields Demonslayer always seems to miss a lot, except when fighting demons. Could be coincidence, but I've always suspected it.
  15. You may also consider investing a few points in Endurance. It gives you better resistance to poison and acid, as well as increasing your health by another 5 points. And as many will attest, the early stages of the game can be tough. Being able to take a bit of damage can smooth the ride a bit.
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