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  1. Finished off Geneforge 4. I loved it, of course! Some thoughts: I played as a servile and was disappointed that it didn't really mean anything game-wise. I think the only effect it actually had was a single shopkeeper in Derenton Freehold giving you cheap items. The fact that it's constantly waved off as not important because you're the exception is the thing that bothers me most. Like, especially when interacting with Shapers. Oh you get a pass because you're a lifecrafter. I would have liked more servile-specific dialogue other than throwaway lines which were almost always just telling you w
  2. No, I went in through the tunnels. He's instantly hostile if you've killed Rahul, and I didn't get the quest. I fought my way into the keep so Rahul was already hiding in his quarters when I got there.
  3. I started a new game with the editor, made it to Rahul in an hour and killed him, couldn't even get in to see the creator. The doors won't open unless you talk to general greiner or do something for him, and he's hostile to me (as is the whole camp)
  4. Just finished Geneforge 3! It was fantastic! I can definitely see why people think it's the weakest entry in the series since it's so different from the first two, but even though there are only two sides I feel like it expands the opportunity for nuance within each side (e.g. Khyryk and Learned Darian)! I was slightly less happy about the lack of a neutral option, but that really solidifies the difference in theme between this game (and its sequel, I assume) and the first two: in those you're a visitor, and outsider exploring a world outside of Shaper control. This time, you're irrelevant. Pi
  5. So I know everyone hates the guy that bumps a 5 year old thread, but I wanna provide an update on my... progress??? I finished Geneforge 1, loved every second of it, said I'd start 2 in a week or so, and promptly didn't do it for what turned out to be 5 years. Anyways I just blew through 2 in a week. I allied with the awakened, mercilessly hunted down the Triad, crushed Barzahl, and now I'm on to Geneforge 3 before I forget!! The second game was amazing, and felt like an expansion of the first in every way. I loved all the recurring characters and throwback mentions of them, like Eko
  6. I didn't understand a single thing any of you said and I still don't know what implants are except that the source material is gone.
  7. I do love KoL, and... implants?
  8. Alright so after doing some more research, I'm going to play the 5 Geneforge games, Avadon (and its sequel when it comes out), Nethergate resurrection, and the Avernum series. I'm not really going to bother with the original exile games or the first Nethergate, opting instead for their remakes (is this a good decision?). I'm not sure about the latest remake, Avernum: Escape from the Pit. Should I play it instead of the first Avernum game? Should I do both? Will playing A:EftP and then going to the older Avernum 2 be too jarring? Are there remakes planned for the other Avernum games? Either way
  9. When I was quite young, my family had a gateway computer, a desktop. On this computer was a program called gateway games, which let you play game demos a limited amount of times. Most of the games were terrible, but there were a few games that I truly enjoyed, namely Fate and Geneforge. On Gateway Games there were demos of Geneforge 1 and 2, and eventually 3. I played the demos until they were entirely spent. They were, at the time, amazing. Recently, years after the computer and gateway were both long gone, I remembered Geneforge and decided to look it up. I got the first geneforge and start
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