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  1. So, I chose to accept her boon in the beginning of the game, and that made the poor girl suffer a most horrible death. Would she appear in the final battle even if I refused her help? I feel a bit guilty about the situation. And if she doesn't appear, how does that change the events?


    Speaking of possible changes, what happens if I go through the endgame without the secret weapon against the Vahnatai? I think I skipped a boss battle because of it, which was a bit anti-climatic. I was also surprised that the last boss was just a matter of walking towards a panel and clicking 3 buttons. 

  2. Any chance of this series receiving steam achievements? I love collecting those, and it'd be a nice incentive to finally clear them all of my backlog. I completed the first one and liked it very much.

    Dunno how easy or hard to implement achievements are though! Just leaving a suggestion.

  3. Yeah, I also interpreted it as "go get killed by that dragon plz", and it's relevant because if left unchecked, Zethron would start a mess by uniting the wrong crowd and creating a possible strong enemy to the pact.


    It doesn't fit completely because Zethron only finds that new lair with the player's help, though. I was waiting for Zethron to betray the pact and appear as the last boss when you finally meet Dheless for the last time. That would've been damn cool.

  4. I quite liked the different factions in Avadon. They're well written and made me curious about exploring the different regions, even if the games didn't deliver much on that respect. Getting to know about the different squabbles all over your land makes it all the more interesting to be in the role of an all-powerful enforcer who has to pacify all of those factions. Way more interesting and nuanced than fighting for erm... "servile rights".


    My only complaint about Avadon 3 is

    how the war never seems like much of a challenge. You never get to intervene in big battles for your homeland, save a city from being massacred, put up a resistance on any of your fortresses. It's all smooth sailing from one region to the next, effortlessly ending the war. The main antagonist is not Dheless, but Redbeard and his escalating insanity. The main menace is being at the mercy of the guy you have to work for. Dealing with him through the entire game ended up feeling tiresome to me, since it's something you have to endure up until the very end of the game.


  5. I got the freezing turret as early as possible and it was the best tank I could've hoped for in torment difficulty, it took my blademaster quite a while to be anywhere near as good. Leaving a turret to hold off and tank huge mobs worked pretty much from the start to the end of the game, which I appreciated.


    The thing about friendly fire is that it's not very compatible with using a blademaster to walk around attracting mobs to tank damage, you need to maneuver the spells around him and hit less enemies as a result. It usually only served to make fights drag on for longer, not really adding that much difficulty.

  6. As soon as the initial speech ends, you can just... walk backwards without initiating the fight. I love to find this sort of exploit, there's similar stuff in pretty much every Spiderweb game. You can then drop some tinkermage constructs and fight the enemies very sparingly, to the points where you can close the battle mode and save between fights. I stayed in the poisoned ground and tanked the damage, which ended up working better than trying to face a bazillion titans head-on.

  7. So, midway through the game i realized Silke could be the source to get this achievement. By then i had already denied her the satchel she asked, since i'm such a loyal avadon man and all. I was otherwise agreeable and proceeded to kill Odill so i could check this out, and sure enough i could kiss her. She then pushed me away though, and i got no achievement. Is this supposed to happen like this and there's further dialogue, or did i lose the opportunity because of the satchel choice? Also, are there other possible romances in the game?

  8. So, i remember finding a crypt with this weird wraith that was invisible at first. He was running around and every time i talked to him, he became more solid until we fought. I had to back away from this fight because it was way too hard at the time, and now i can't seem to find the crypt again. Anyone knows?

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