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Strategy and Tactics:

Slartanalysis of damage

Slartanalysis of melee

Slartanalysis of Resistances

Slartanalysis on Dodging

Slartanalysis of Party Design

Torment singletons

Tormented Anama Singleton Warrior/Priest


What and Where:

List of teleporter pylon locations (Originally here)

Things to keep and trainable skills

Battle Disciplines

Spellbooks and Arcane Lore requirements

Synergy's Item List

Sub-list of knowledge brews and wisdom crystals

Special Skills

List of all items in A5 (for the editor)

A5 Abilities List



Advice for optimizing rewards (Warning: contains spoilers!)


Fixes and SDF codes



Annotated Maps

Sentinel Workshop lower level

Synergy's Zone Map

A5 Surface Map (raw data)


A5 Surface Map (grid sections shown)



—Alorael, who doesn't quite know what signature should go after a post that by its very nature will remain unstable. This signature should probably change too, but he thinks it won't.

Edited by Triumph
Updated HH's map link

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—Alorael, who still suggestions putting this in the header. It's not so useful now, but two years from now someone is going to want to be able to find all this.

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It is, unfortunately, characteristic of me that most projects I start are bound to be pushed out of the way by other projects I start. To actually finish something, I have to care about it a lot -- AND the circumstances of external life have to accommodate it. My current job has been pretty unaccommodating in that regard.


This applies to RPGs as much as anything else. Typically when I play an RPG, I complete about 90% of the game and then move on before reaching the ending. For more complicated games where I spend hours analyzing the mechanics, this number is lower. As a result the only Spiderweb games I've *actually* finished were the Exile 1, Exile 2, Nethergate, and Geneforge 2. Avernum 5 has been interrupted, I'm somewhat ashamed to say, by Eschalon, a much less interesting (and slower!) game, but a less demanding one.

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Well, i realize it isn't quite as hard as torment, but I think quite a bit of the strategies for specific battles I've developed on Hard are applicable to torment. Mainly the difference is enemy HP, right? Doing a singleton in A5 has started to make me think of the game as a game rather than a simulation of reality, and the battles more like chess problems than real-life combat.


Theory of Singleton Tactics

My theory is that you should not try to win battles, you should try to solve them. What is a solution to a battle? A solution is a tactical configuration (or series of configurations) in which victory is assured independent of randomness. The reason that this is important in a singleton game is that most battles last a long time, and any bad random thing that can happen, will probably happen.


Examples of Solutions

A concrete example: consider the Pit Crawler battle in the Drake Pillars area. There are many winning strategies for this battle, and many more losing ones. An example of a solution to the battle with the Pit Crawler itself, however, is to stand with one of the larvae between you and the pit crawler on the 1-cell wide ledge. It having no ranged attack, it can't damage you; the larva does trivial damage (trivial means that no bad luck on your part could allow it to kill you or otherwise thwart your victory, e.g. force you to spend all your AP healing every turn, unless you run totally out of energy), and you can do great damage to the pit crawler. After a few rounds, you can see that not only is this a good tactical configuration, it is indeed a solution, because your victory is inevitable.


Often a solution exists amongst many successful strategies, but sometimes the only path to victory for a singleton may be through a solution, e.g. the Gladwell battle as described elsewhere. (If a singleton can win that by brute force, I'd like to see it...) Sometimes the set-up of a solution may be very difficult to achieve and require many save-reloads or very counter-intuative actions that would be silly in real life.


I distinguish between "strong" and "weak" solutions. A strong solution is one that can be carried out without using consumable resources (magic points, health, items) except perhaps at the beginning / setup. A weak solution requires resource consumption, however small, and thus you have to complete it (kill the enemy) in finite time. The pit crawler solution above is a weak solution because the larva will do a trivial amount of damage to you, which you eventually have to heal, consuming healing items or energy. An example of a strong solution will be given later (the giant.)


Finding Solutions

These are some general tips:


Look at the battlefield. Fighting a melee-only enemy especially, look for a physical position that you can get into that the enemy can't attack you from, since you almost certainly have a ranged attack at your disposal. Failing that, look for a position where as few enemies as possible can attack you in a turn, such as doorways, 1-cell wide bridges or ledges, narrow passages, and corners. Slow powerful enemies as the approach you (for instance, it the Chitrach Queen battle) and allow weaker enemies, or better yet your own summoned creatures, to occupy the squares that can attack you - many weak solutions can be found in this way; it's a powerful practical technique.


In the case of a mobile adversary, do not limit your consideration of the battlefield to the immediate vicinity where you were meant to fight the battle - can you get the enemy to follow you to a position that leads to a solution for you, even if it is several rounds of travel distant? (Example, the battle with the big giant who gets upset at your intrusion into his quarters in the spire: he will chase you out to the lift platform area if you go there, you can get on a lift and go down, then peck him to death with arrows with no risk to yourself - a strong solution.)


Know how to use the True Ultimate Power of the player characters: Door-fu, your arcane mastery of the lost art of door manipulation. As you are the only creature in the Avernum universe who can operate doors, these mystic barriers are one of your most powerful tactical assets. Once you can get more than 10 AP, you can open a door, fire a ranged attack at a distant enemy, then close the door. Several strong solutions can be found in this way. In addition to being unable to open doors, the AI does not understand them either. "Woah, the wall that ate the adventurer I was chasing just opened up and shot an arrow at me, then closed up again. Good thing that will never happen again. (repeat)"


Know how the AI for various types of enemies works. Take advantage of it as much as you can.


In the early game especially, there are many weak solutions that involve using spray acid on an enemy then hiding, possibly involving doors (Hrickis, for example, can be solved using this technique.) The effectiveness of this is reduced later on, when most enemies you want a solution against are resistant to acid for some reason.


A few weak solutions, usually against single powerful enemies, can be found using Terror at a high level. There aren't that many powerful enemies that are vulnerable to it, and it rarely affects them for long, so this technique isn't very productive. Also, there is an element of randomness that prevents some practically good strategies from being proper solutions. It has its uses, though. (For instance, the monster that the trainer in the Southwest quadrant of Tranquility requires you to kill before he will train you is vulnerable to terror, although it sometimes resists, meaning that terrorizing it is not a proper solution even though it works pretty well most of the time, in combination with a couple summons.)


Finally, be relentlessly exploitive of the game mechanics: fairness and realism have no place in singleton strategy.

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It is possible to do the Hraithe lord quest as a singleton on hard. Although it made short work of my lv 41 singleton in melee combat, it is possible to kill it by fairly complex process:


1. haste yourself and run into its lair. Attack it with a ranged attack and run like a hraithe lord is chasing you after the hraithe lord starts chasing you. Go up the ladder.


2. Run around to the stair down in the vahnatai volcano complex (north-west corner). In combat mode and hasted, go north so that you will be under the zone with the hraithe lord's prison. Run to the ledge that separates the hraithe lord area from the area you are in now. Since elevation change does not affect visibility, you should be able to see it standing roughly where it was before.


3. Whack the Hraithe lord with your two strongest attacks. Repeat until it runs away, which will happen in 1 to 4 or so turns. Start over from step 1 until it is weak enough that you can kill it in a straight fight without dying.


4. Kill the Hraithe lord. Repel Spirit and Arcane Blow are both effectual - didn't use anything else really.


It took me ~4 cycles to get to that point, whacking it with Mighty Blow + Arcane Blow. I had to finish it off with my Slith Bloodspear because although it could not affect me with its poison/acid/lightning, it could still drain MP. The only consumable I used was an energy elixer. Using this method, you don't need the Stone of Victory. (You can't bring it out of the pit though, except perhaps with the dead guy smuggling trick used for the Fang Clan relics.)

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I don't suppose we could get a list of the cheapest places to purchase spells in this section could we? I have money to burn, but don't want to waste it on some overpriced spell peddler if I don't need the spell upgrade right now.

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Synergy's Item list should have the relative costs for spells listed. The cheapest trainers are Blackchasm Outpost, Shankar, Harkin's Landing, Tiacourna after her quests.

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They're all listed in the file av5itemschars.txt, so you could just clean that up a little bit and post it in a new topic. That topic gets linked here, and everyone is happy.


—Alorael, who is personally okay with searching the text file itself. It might be helpful to mention that in Strategy Central... which this very self-referential post does. Huzzah!

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For the Special Skills part..Sharpshooter does not take 6 Dexterity..only 2 bought Dexterity..and 8 Bows/Thrown..or is it only for Nephils?

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Problem Fixing

This post is devoted to systematically fixing problems by means of editing the game scripts. It contains a few spoilers.


In the absence of a BoA style Character Editor there is still something you can do to correct all of those problems. Find a town script and alter its Init State as shown below. (A good choice would be a town script like "z17Tblackcr.txt", the script for the starting town.) Then enter the town, the desired changes should occur immediately.


Note: once you have altered the progress of the game, remove the bits you added to the relevant Init State. Also, if you have a script file open while playing Avernum 5 you will crash the game should A5 try to access that script.


Init State: called only when party enters this zone.

Start State: called every minute that the party remains in the zone.

Exit State: called only when party leaves this zone.


My hunch is that if you put something in the New Harston script, this is called whenever you use a pylon! Even if you don’t enter or leave New Harston it is still called anyway.







( For Scuttler eyes:)



(The Rat Bounty does not involve a special item, it involves a Stuff Done Flag. Perusing "z44rathunt.txt" one solution becomes clear.)


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Ghost Mode

If you want to walk through the walls like a ghost, make the following alterations to av5floorster.txt, using the Replace All function.


Replace "tr_blockage_type1 = 2" with "tr_blockage_type1 = 0".

Replace "tr_blockage_type1 = 3" with "tr_blockage_type1 = 0".

Replace "tr_blockage_type2 = 3" with "tr_blockage_type2 = 0".


You won't need to know where they occur in the file, the function handles this for you. This is handy for anyone thinking of writing an authorative walkthrough.


Obviously make a copy of the file first, so you can quickly undo the changes when you are finished.

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What this UBB Code really needs is provision for tab stops and tables.


A list of the zone names, and their scripts, for a hypothetical future walkthrough:


0 0 0 New Zone NullZoneSc

1 1 0 New Zone NullZoneSc

2 2 0 Northern Rapids z20nrapids

3 3 0 Northern Rapids z20nrapids

4 4 0 Northern Rapids z20nrapids

5 5 0 Northern Rapids z20nrapids

6 6 0 The Drake Pillars z60drakep

7 7 0 The Drake Pillars z70dpillars

8 8 0 Northern Plateau z80nplateau

9 9 0 The Drake Pillars z90dpillars

10 10 0 Exodus z100Texodus

11 11 0 Northwest Quadrant z110tranq

12 12 0 Northern Barrier z120tranq

13 13 0 Northeast Quadrant z130tranq

14 0 1 Fang Clan Village z01fangclan

15 1 1 Northern Isles z11nisles

16 2 1 Northern Isles z21nisles

17 3 1 Northern Isles z31nisles

18 4 1 Northern Isles z41nisles

19 5 1 New Zone NullZoneSc

20 6 1 The Drake Pillars NullZoneSc

21 7 1 The Drake Pillars z71drakep

22 8 1 The Drake Pillars z81dpillars

23 9 1 The Drake Pillars z91dpillars

24 10 1 Exodus z101Texodus

25 11 1 Western Barrier z111tranq

26 12 1 Solberg’s Tower z121Tsoltow

27 13 1 Eastern Barrier z131tranq

28 0 2 Northern Isles NullZoneSc

29 1 2 Northern Isles z12nisles

30 2 2 Shanker’s Tower z22Tshantow

31 3 2 Northern Isles z32nisles

32 4 2 Northern Isles z42nisles

33 5 2 New Zone NullZoneSc

34 6 2 Drake Pillars NullZoneSc

35 7 2 Harkin’s Landing z72Tharkin

36 8 2 The Drake Pillars z82dpillars

37 9 2 The Drake Pillars z92dpillars

38 10 2 The Drake Pillars z102dpillar

39 11 2 Southwest Quadrant z112tranq

40 12 2 Southern Barrier z122tranq

41 13 2 Southeast Quadrant z132tranq

42 0 3 Scuttler Pits NullZoneSc

43 1 3 Northern Isles z13nisles

44 2 3 Northern Isles z23nisles

45 3 3 Harston Docks z33harsdock

46 4 3 Gladwell’s Keep z43gladkeep

47 5 3 Gladwell’s Keep z53gladkeep

48 6 3 The Drake Pillars NullZoneSc

49 7 3 The Drake Pillars z82dpillars

50 8 3 The Drake Pillars z83dpillars

51 9 3 The Drake Pillars NullZoneSc

52 10 3 New Zone NullZoneSc

53 11 3 Sentinel Workshop z113worksho

54 12 3 Anama Road z133anroad

55 13 3 Anama Road z133anroad

56 0 4 Scuttler Pits z04scutpits

57 1 4 Northwest Harston z14nwharst

58 2 4 North of Harston z24nharston

59 3 4 Harston Dock Road z34dockroad

60 4 4 The Rat Cave z44ratcave

61 5 4 New Zone NullZoneSc

62 6 4 Soultaker’s Pit z64soulpit

63 7 4 New Zone NullZoneSc

64 8 4 Khora-Vysss z84khoravys

65 9 4 The Howling Depths z94depths

66 10 4 The Howling Depths z104depths

67 11 4 The Howling Depths z114depths

68 12 4 Anama Lands z124anama

69 13 4 Ahonaria z134Tahonar

70 0 5 Bargha Gates z05bargha

71 1 5 West of New Harsto z15wharst

72 2 5 New Harston z25Tharston

73 3 5 Static Fields z35static

74 4 5 Northern Avernum z45noraver

75 5 5 Barren Honeycomb z55honeyc

76 6 5 Barren Honeycomb z65honeyc

77 7 5 Highground z75Thighg

78 8 5 Remote River NullZoneSc

79 9 5 The Howling Depths z95depths

80 10 5 The Howling Depths z105depths

81 11 5 The Howling Depths z115depths

82 12 5 Anama Lands z125anama

83 13 5 Anama Lands z135anama

84 0 6 The Blackchasm z06blakchas

85 1 6 Outside Outpost z16outoutp

86 2 6 South of Harston z26sharst

87 3 6 Harston Lowlands z36harstlow

88 4 6 Goblin Warrens z46gobwarr

89 5 6 Azure Gallery NullZoneSc

90 6 6 Azure Gallery z66azure

91 7 6 Azure Gallery z76azure

92 8 6 Remote River z86remoter

93 9 6 New Zone NullZoneSc

94 10 6 New Zone NullZoneSc

95 11 6 New Zone NullZoneSc

96 12 6 Chitrach Nest z126cnest

97 13 6 Chitrach Nest z136cnest

98 0 7 Inner Blackchasm z07innerbl

99 1 7 Blackchasm Outpost z17Tblackcr

100 2 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

101 3 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

102 4 7 Azure Gallery z47azure

103 5 7 Azure Gallery z57azure

104 6 7 Azure Gallery z67azure

105 7 7 Azure Gallery z77azure

106 8 7 Slimy Tunnels z87tunnels

107 9 7 Lake of Trials z97tehlake

108 10 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

109 11 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

110 12 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

111 13 7 New Zone NullZoneSc

112 0 8 Pit of Abomination z08abomin

113 1 8 New Zone NullZoneSc

114 2 8 Muck one z28Tmuck

115 3 8 Azure Gallery z38azure

116 4 8 Azure Gallery z48azure

117 5 8 Azure Gallery z58azure

118 6 8 The Giant’s Spire z68gspire

119 7 8 Azure Gallery z78azure

120 8 8 The Dark River NullZoneSc

121 9 8 New Zone NullZoneSc

122 10 8 New Zone NullZoneSc

123 11 8 Fortress of Dorika z118dorfort

124 12 8 New Zone NullZoneSc

125 13 8 New Zone NullZoneSc

0 0 9 Vahnatai Lands z09vlands

127 1 9 Vahnatai Lands z19vlands

128 2 9 Blocked Road z29broad c

129 3 9 Barrier Passage z39barrier

130 4 9 The Dark River NullZoneSc

131 5 9 The Dark River z59driver

132 6 9 The Dark River z69driver

133 7 9 The Dark River z79driver

134 8 9 The Dark River z89driver

135 9 9 New Zone NullZoneSc

136 10 9 New Zone NullZoneSc

137 11 9 Darkside Lands z119dlands

138 12 9 New Zone NullZoneSc

139 13 9 New Zone NullZoneSc

140 0 10 Vahnatai Lands z010vlands

141 1 10 Kherebass z110khereb

142 2 10 Vahnatai Lands z210vlands

143 3 10 The Dark River z310driver

144 4 10 The Dark River NullZoneSc

145 5 10 The Dark River z510driver

146 6 10 Melanchion’s Keep z610Tdragon

147 7 10 The Dark River z710driver

148 8 10 The Dark River z810driver

149 9 10 The Dark River z910driver

150 10 10 Darkside Lands z1010dland

151 11 10 Darkside Lands z1110dland

152 12 10 New Zone NullZoneSc

153 13 10 New Zone NullZoneSc

154 0 11 Vahnatai Lands NullZoneSc

155 1 11 Thalants z111Tthalan

156 2 11 Vahnatai Lands z211vlands

157 3 11 The Dark River NullZoneSc

158 4 11 The Dark River z411driver

159 5 11 The Dark River z511driver

160 6 11 The Dark River z611driver

161 7 11 The Dark River z711driver

162 8 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

163 9 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

164 10 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

165 11 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

166 12 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

167 13 11 New Zone NullZoneSc

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This is a provisional list

begindefineability 9 (does nothing.)

begindefineability 0 ab_name = "Melee Attack"

begindefineability 1 ab_name = "Bite"

begindefineability 2 // npc sword ab_name = "Sword"

begindefineability 3 ab_name = "Bolt of Fire"

begindefineability 4 ab_name = "Acid Spit"

begindefineability 5 ab_name = "Lightning Spray"

begindefineability 7 ab_name = "Diamond Spray"

begindefineability 10 ab_name = "Stun"

begindefineability 13 // monster-cast terror ab_name = "Terror"

begindefineability 14 // pc-cast terror

begindefineability 15 ab_name = "Control Foe"

begindefineability 16 // tougher fire breath, single flame poof

begindefineability 17 ab_name = "Smite"

begindefineability 20 ab_name = "Javelin"

begindefineability 21 ab_name = "Razordisk"

begindefineability 22 ab_name = "Thrown Rock"

begindefineability 25 ab_name = "Repel Spirit"

begindefineability 30 ab_name = "Shortsword"

begindefineability 31 ab_name = "Broadsword"

begindefineability 32 // sound? ab_name = "Spear"

begindefineability 33 // sound? ab_name = "Halberd"

begindefineability 34 ab_name = "Oozing Blade"

begindefineability 35 ab_name = "Jinx Blade"

begindefineability 36 ab_name = "Venom Blade"

begindefineability 37 // sound? ab_name = "Slith Spear"

begindefineability 38 // acid halberd ab_name = "Acid Blade"

begindefineability 39 // stun blade ab_name = "Stunning Blade"

begindefineability 40 // fire blade ab_name = "Fiery Blade"

begindefineability 42 // single cloud ice breath

begindefineability 45 // nasty rain of fire breath

begindefineability 46 // nasty rain of ice breath

begindefineability 47 // ray damage + ligtning aura ab_name = "Decaying Ray"

begindefineability 50 ab_name = "Arrow"

begindefineability 51 ab_name = "Venom Arrow"

begindefineability 52 ab_name = "Acid Arrow"

begindefineability 53 ab_name = "Submission Arrow"

begindefineability 54 ab_name = "Heartstriker"

begindefineability 55 // thorn

begindefineability 56 // thorn

begindefineability 57 // thorn

begindefineability 58 // thorn

begindefineability 59 ab_name = "Longbow Arrow"

begindefineability 60 // ray damage + poison ab_name = "Decaying Ray"

begindefineability 62 ab_name = "Charm Ray"// ray damage + charm

begindefineability 64 // ray damage + slow ab_name = "Slowing Mist"

begindefineability 80 ab_name = "Poison Sting"

begindefineability 81 ab_name = "Poison Bite"

begindefineability 82 // cold damage + slow ab_name = "Icy Touch"

begindefineability 83 // acid damage + acid ab_name = "Rotting Touch"

begindefineability 84 // melee damage + stun ab_name = "Stunning Blow"

begindefineability 85 // like stun touch, but nastier and with different name ab_name = "Radiate Energy"

begindefineability 86 // touch curse + damage ab_name = "Confusing Touch"

begindefineability 87 // touch curse + fear ab_name = "Terror Touch"

begindefineability 88 // touch curse + fear ab_name = "Charming Touch"

begindefineability 89 // touch weaken ab_name = "Weakening Touch"

begindefineability 90 // touch lightning aura ### sound ab_name = "Electric Touch"

begindefineability 91 // death curse touch ### sound ab_name = "Death Touch"

begindefineability 100 ab_name = "War Blessing"

begindefineability 110 ab_name = "Haste"

begindefineability 120 ab_name = "Unlock Doors"

begindefineability 121 ab_name = "Dispel Barrier"

begindefineability 130 ab_name = "Mass Healing"

begindefineability 131 ab_name = "Mass Curing"

begindefineability 132 ab_name = "Divine Restoration"

begindefineability 140 ab_name = "Arcane Shield"

begindefineability 160 // poison distance attack ab_name = "Spray Acid"

begindefineability 161 // slow distance attack ab_name = "Slow"

begindefineability 162 // acid ae ab_name = "Acid Shower"

begindefineability 164 // fire ae also divine retribution ab_name = "Aura of Flames"

begindefineability 165 // stun ae ab_name = "Stunning Aura"

begindefineability 166 // death ray ab_name = "Kill"

begindefineability 168 // daze effect ab_name = "Daze"

begindefineability 170 // stronger daze ab_name = "Strong Daze"

begindefineability 172 // ae madness ab_name = "Mass Madness"

begindefineability 174 // mental barrier for 1 pc ab_name = "Mental Barrier"

begindefineability 175 // mental barrier on group

begindefineability 178 // essence shield, 1 pc ab_name = "Enduring Shield"

begindefineability 179 // essence shield, on self

begindefineability 180 // essence armor, 1 pc ab_name = "Enduring Armor"

begindefineability 181 // essence armor, on self

begindefineability 182 // steelskin, 1 pc ab_name = "Steel Skin"

begindefineability 183 // battle blessings, one pc ab_name = "Assault Shield"

begindefineability 184 // augmentation, 1 pc ab_name = "Augmentation"

begindefineability 185 // augmentation, on self

begindefineability 186 ab_name = "Prismatic Shield"

begindefineability 187 ab_name = "Return Life"

begindefineability 190 ab_name = "Icy Rain"

begindefineability 191 ab_name = "Fireblast"

begindefineability 192 ab_name = "Arcane Blow"

begindefineability 193 ab_name = "Divine Fire"

begindefineability 200 ab_name = "Heal"

begindefineability 201 ab_name = "Heal Self"

begindefineability 202 ab_name = "Heal Group"

begindefineability 204 ab_name = "Restore Health"

begindefineability 205 ab_name = "Bandage Self"

begindefineability 206 // minor 1 pc heal ab_name = "Minor Heal"

begindefineability 207 ab_name = "Major Heal"

begindefineability 210 ab_name = "Cure Acid/Poison"

begindefineability 211 // switch to far better cure here ab_name = "Cure Affliction"

begindefineability 212 ab_name = "Group Strong Cure"

begindefineability 213 ab_name = "Unshackle Mind"

begindefineability 215 ab_name = "Haste Other"

begindefineability 216 ab_name = "Haste Self"

begindefineability 217 ab_name = "Haste Group"

begindefineability 220 ab_name = "Restore Energy"

begindefineability 222 ab_name = "Invulnerability"

begindefineability 223 ab_name = "New Knowledge"

begindefineability 225 // 1 pc shield ab_name = "Protection"

begindefineability 226 ab_name = "Shield Self"

begindefineability 227 ab_name = "Shield Group"

begindefineability 230 ab_name = "Bless"

begindefineability 231 ab_name = "Bless Self"

begindefineability 232 ab_name = "Bless Group"

begindefineability 238 // light ab_name = "Light"

begindefineability 240 ab_name = "Call Beast"

begindefineability 241 ab_name = "Minor Summon"

begindefineability 242 ab_name = "Summon Aid"

begindefineability 243 ab_name = "Arcane Summon"

begindefineability 244 ab_name = "Summon Shade"

begindefineability 245 ab_name = "Divine Host"

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Originally written by Ishad Nha:
This is a provisional list
Thanks again for the above!

Ability . Description
# 0 "Melee Attack"
# 1 "Bite"
# 2 "npc sword "Sword"
# 3 "Bolt of Fire"
# 4 "Acid Spit"
# 5 "Lightning Spray"
# 7 "Diamond Spray"
# 9 "Not Used"
# 10 "Stun"
# 13 monster-cast "Terror"
# 14 "Terror"
# 15 "Control Foe"
# 16 tougher fire breath, single flame poof
# 17 "Smite"
# 20 "Javelin"
# 21 "Razordisk"
# 22 "Thrown Rock"
# 25 "Repel Spirit"
# 30 "Shortsword"
# 31 "Broadsword"
# 32 sound? "Spear"
# 33 sound? "Halberd"
# 34 "Oozing Blade"
# 35 "Jinx Blade"
# 36 "Venom Blade"
# 37 sound? "Slith Spear"
# 38 acid halberd "Acid Blade"
# 39 stun blade "Stunning Blade"
# 40 fire blade "Fiery Blade"
# 42 single cloud ice breath
# 45 nasty rain of fire breath
# 46 nasty rain of ice breath
# 47 ray damage + ligtning aura "Decaying Ray"
# 50 "Arrow"
# 51 "Venom Arrow"
# 52 "Acid Arrow"
# 53 "Submission Arrow"
# 54 "Heartstriker"
# 55 thorn
# 56 thorn
# 57 thorn
# 58 thorn
# 59 "Longbow Arrow"
# 60 ray damage + poison "Decaying Ray"
# 62 "Charm Ray"// ray damage + charm
# 64 ray damage + slow "Slowing Mist"
# 80 "Poison Sting"
# 81 "Poison Bite"
# 82 cold damage + slow "Icy Touch"
# 83 acid damage + acid "Rotting Touch"
# 84 melee damage + stun "Stunning Blow"
# 85 like stun touch, but nastier and with different name "Radiate Energy"
# 86 touch curse + damage "Confusing Touch"
# 87 touch curse + fear "Terror Touch"
# 88 touch curse + fear "Charming Touch"
# 89 touch weaken "Weakening Touch"
# 90 touch lightning aura ### sound "Electric Touch"
# 91 death curse touch ### sound "Death Touch"
# 100 "War Blessing"
# 110 "Haste"
# 120 "Unlock Doors"
# 121 "Dispel Barrier"
# 130 "Mass Healing"
# 131 "Mass Curing"
# 132 "Divine Restoration"
# 140 "Arcane Shield"
# 160 poison distance attack "Spray Acid"
# 161 slow distance attack "Slow"
# 162 acid ae "Acid Shower"
# 164 fire ae also divine retribution "Aura of Flames"
# 165 stun ae "Stunning Aura"
# 166 death ray "Kill"
# 168 daze effect "Daze"
# 170 stronger daze "Strong Daze"
# 172 ae madness "Mass Madness"
# 174 mental barrier for 1 pc "Mental Barrier"
# 175 mental barrier on group
# 178 essence shield, 1 pc "Enduring Shield"
# 179 essence shield, on self
# 180 essence armor, 1 pc "Enduring Armor"
# 181 essence armor, on self
# 182 steelskin, 1 pc "Steel Skin"
# 183 battle blessings, one pc "Assault Shield"
# 184 augmentation, 1 pc "Augmentation"
# 185 augmentation, on self
# 186 "Prismatic Shield"
# 187 "Return Life"
# 190 "Icy Rain"
# 191 "Fireblast"
# 192 "Arcane Blow"
# 193 "Divine Fire"
# 200 "Heal"
# 201 "Heal Self"
# 202 "Heal Group"
# 204 "Restore Health"
# 205 "Bandage Self"
# 206 minor 1 pc heal "Minor Heal"
# 207 "Major Heal"
# 210 "Cure Acid/Poison"
# 211 switch to far better cure here "Cure Affliction"
# 212 "Group Strong Cure"
# 213 "Unshackle Mind"
# 215 "Haste Other"
# 216 "Haste Self"
# 217 "Haste Group"
# 220 "Restore Energy"
# 222 "Invulnerability"
# 223 "New Knowledge"
# 225 1 pc shield "Protection"
# 226 "Shield Self"
# 227 "Shield Group"
# 230 "Bless"
# 231 "Bless Self"
# 232 "Bless Group"
# 238 light "Light"
# 240 "Call Beast"
# 241 "Minor Summon"
# 242 "Summon Aid"
# 243 "Arcane Summon"
# 244 "Summon Shade"
# 245 "Divine Host"

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Originally written by Azuma:
You guys should really just make a separate thread for these..
I tried to make separate thread...

I still can't quite figure out what UBB may do at times.

Anyhow, the powers that be put "A5 Abilities List" in Strategy Central as a hyperlink.

Again, thanks to Ishad Nha for his "provisional list".

He did the main part with Excel, all I did was run a Search and Replace to refine it.

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unfortunately, one only get's server errors at the moment when trying to access all these wonderful lists from above from here…

Hope there'll be a solution for this soon.

(Otherwise I will have to bugger everybody with stupid newbie-questions, harrharr!)

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Originally Posted By: Tcheedchee
(Otherwise I will have to bugger everybody with stupid newbie-questions, harrharr!)


I hope what you mean is "bug everyone."


Meanwhile, the Items List and Zone Map are linked again, for a start.




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I'd like to know how Tcheedchee reacts when he finds out what that word actually means?


(By the way, I thought this site was supposed to be censored? I guess it doesn't account for the British.)


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Censoring "bugger" would be awfully inconvenient if an Orson Scott Card thread ever popped up.

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I read Ender's Game when very young. At the time I had never heard "bugger" spoken, and I had never seen "booger" written, so I got the idea that "bugger" meant "booger" and spent the whole book picturing this race of giant boogers.

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Originally Posted By: Thuryl
Censoring "bugger" would be awfully inconvenient if an Orson Scott Card thread ever popped up.

We'd simply have to use the politically correct 'formics' instead.

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well, I did get out what it means…


can't help it.

I'll smash some more monsters out of embarrassment

– with my biiiiiiggg sword.

So what?




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Nalyd never did read Ender's Game. Just doesn't seem that attractive. Sexy books FTW.

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Well, Thuryl threw me for a spin there until I looked up this guy Orson Scott Card on Wikipedia, and . . . well... I won't mention which part of his bio explains everything (it's mentioned early on), but... if you know specifically what I'm referring to: it explains everything, without my having to read his books.


In short: My guess is his mindset can be considered sort of an antithesis to that of, say, Aldous Huxley? Feel free to enlighten me.


Myself, I've never been too much into science fiction . . . maybe a little when I was young . . . I'm much more into crazy French authors and writers who are obsessed with the weirdest psychologically afflicted people imaginable, and so forth. This is why I didn't recognize Card's name.


Is Card actually worth reading, regardless of, well... you know.


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Originally Posted By: Evnissyen
Well, Thuryl threw me for a spin there until I looked up this guy Orson Scott Card on Wikipedia, and . . . well... I won't mention which part of his bio explains everything (it's mentioned early on), but... if you know specifically what I'm referring to: it explains everything, without my having to read his books.

In short: My guess is his mindset can be considered sort of an antithesis to that of, say, Aldous Huxley? Feel free to enlighten me.

... I was actually referring to the fact that the aliens in his books are nicknamed "buggers" by the main characters.

Anyway, Card is one of those authors that you should read in order of publication until you lose interest, like Frank Herbert's Dune series or Asimov's Foundation series. Like those two series, his books start out decent and get progressively more loaded down with bad philosophy as you go on.

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Nalyd agrees with Dune, but Foundation? The only real philosophy there was the whole Gaea part. Personally, Nalyd preferred the Second Foundation, but the obvious appeal of Gaea to Asimov is undertandable.

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Asimov in his later years decided almost all his books take place in a single literary galaxy and are releated. So he forced relationships between his robotics series and Foundation, plus a few others to make a fit with the later books.

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Oh, that. Nalyd thought that fit in pretty well. The Solarians were believable, and Nalyd liked the reappearance of Olivaw.

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Hi Synergy,

thanks for the great effort!

Unfortunately at the moment, your new updated item list seems a bit messed up, technically…

Since days, whenever I try to have a look at it, it shows up all jumbled, if it shows up at all. All the other times it gets hung up. The window stays blank…

As I can open all the other forum-topics without trouble, I'd dare to say, that it must be the list, that has got the problem.


!ZAP! Tcheedchee

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I don't have any problem with the list so it might be your browser doesn't like all the special character commands to give the list colors.

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I got firefox

Did do the trick all the time.

Does it in the whole rest of the forum too…

Thanks for checking, though.



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Am I the only one who gets sent to the top forum page any time I click a link? Did something happen to all old links when the forums "broke" a few days ago? Alorael made all this great info available to us, but I can't access any of it.

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No, you're not the only one. The links aren't working, and UBBCode seems to be generally broken.


—Alorael, who hasn't been able to fix it yet. This may have to be referred to Spiderweb.

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The link in the main page of this Avernum 5 forum for this is broken. It needs to be fixed.


Also, I have noticed some threads made by people that need to be included in this.


I just felt all that needed to be said.

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We added what we felt was important. If you want to have something else added we need to know what so we can add the link.


Or you can whine like ET did about how unfair the mods and admins are for not including his editor.

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