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This or Geneforge series?

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Hello! I'm currently on a SW game binge and trying to decide what to start next. I've played the original Exile games, Nethergate, Avernum 1-6, and most of Avadon. Should I pick up the newest game or dive into the Geneforge series next? I'm more interested in good stories, characters and world-building than gameplay, though that's always a plus. Thank you for any advice!

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At 'this' particular point in time I'd go with Queen's WIsh.  Jeff/SW is remaking Geneforge 1 with an estimated release date of January (?).  So time to play QW & 'then' go onto the Geneforge series.  Both do a very good job building their own universe/s & the story is rich either way (QW2 is probably the next game after the current one is done.  One difference with that upcoming game compared to all other SW games is that (in theory at this point) you will be continuing with the character/world choices that you made in QW1 - which sounds really cool if he can pull it off).

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