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Smooth scaling Geneforge for large screens

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It is possible to use Reshade to add advanced pixel scaling to make Geneforge (and other 2D DirectDraw games) on 1080p or larger screens. 


First, use DXGL to convert the DirectDraw game to OpenGL. The only option you need to change from the default is the target screen resolution (Video mode). On a 1080p screen you can set video mode to 2x scale which cuts off a little of the top and bottom of the screen, but remains completely playable in Geneforge because it only loses part of the thick border. DXGL should also optionally enable windowed mode. 

Next, install Reshade (OpenGL) with any extra shaders you want to use. 

Download the 4xBRz or 5xBRz filters and install to the Geneforge\reshade-shaders\Shaders folder. I also like the Bumpmapper filter from here

Open Geneforge from Steam and press Home to open the Reshade menus. Enable either the xBRZ4x or 5xBRx_NoBlend filter and choose a filter strength that works. From my testing at 2x scale, xBRZ4x at 2.000 or 5xBRx at 0.750 both look great and don't hurt performance even on a modest laptop. 




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