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anyone have the character editors? i cant find them anywhere. looking for the whole series if possible but i will take whatever anyone can offer.

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Hello Atreus,


Sorry for being slow to reply, and welcome to the forums!


It sounds like you may have already received the editors you’re looking for from Aleister, which is great! However, for those people who might come across this thread in the future, I thought it might be useful to put together a little list of editors for all 5 Geneforge games. After all, requests for Geneforge editors do seem to come around once every so often.


In general, if you’re looking for something like an editor, the best places to go are the ‘Strategy Central’ threads for each game. These are pinned at the top of each forum. These threads are the central hub for interesting topics for each game, and will usually include something like an editor. If you look at the threads for Geneforge 3, 4, and 5, you’ll find links to the editors there.


Of course, there are exceptions! The threads for Geneforge 1 and 2 are quite old now, and don’t contain editor links. In fact, due to the age of the games, many of the links to editors for these games no longer function. However, thanks to the Internet Archive, it’s still possible to salvage links for at least one editor for each game.


Some games have more than one editor, each made by different users. Remember that permissions for downloads are only open to members of the forums, so make sure you’re logged in before trying to download anything!


Also, be aware that these are all user-made changes to the scripts for each game. They are not endorsed by Spiderweb, and they may have unusual effects in your game. I’ve not tested these out myself, so I’m afraid that I can’t vouch for them.


As with any user modifications like this, always make a copy of your game before making any changes! That way, you can always return to a clean, working copy of the game if anything should go wrong.


Here are links for each game in turn. Each thread contains instructions for how to activate its editor. Where there are threads with some broken links, I've included a link to a post with a working download.


Geneforge 1:




Geneforge 2:





Geneforge 3:




Geneforge 4:




Geneforge 5:



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