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Queen's Wish - Training / Infinite Energy Exploit

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I found a fun exploit in Queen's Wish, but its probably a bug so I'm bringing it in case Jeff wants to fix it.


While in a dungeon or anywhere the character sprites are not traveling on the overland map, I can right click the sprite and it brings up the training screen. I can retrain the character there and even moving one skill point automatically refills the energy bar.


Using the latest Queen's Wish version currently on Steam.

Operating System: Windows


<Member will not be checking for replies>


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1 hour ago, Lonpone said:

<Member will not be checking for replies>


Why? We don’t bite, you know :)


For those others who might be reading this, it’s really useful to be able to have a two-way conversation with the person reporting a bug. The causes of bugs are not always simple, and it might be that we need to ask further questions to determine what’s causing the problem. A bug might be reproducible on your system with a very specific setup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be reproducible for other players, even if they are using the same OS! If we can’t enquire further, then we might not always be able to fix your issue.


Also, as has been mentioned before, by far the best way to report bugs is to email them to Spiderweb directly using the address below:




Posting a bug report on this forum is somewhat akin to trying to deliver a letter to someone, but sending it to a neighbour to hand over instead. Why not just deliver it direct?


Even so, I’ll be sure to pass on the issue. It might well be intentional – an effective cheat command to allow retraining in dire circumstances – but it doesn’t hurt to be sure.


Don’t forget, after all, that there’s already a cheat command for restoring energy at any time!

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I'd like to add that I can do the same thing. I downloaded the game and it's running on Windows 10. I can't say for sure if I always could retrain in non-fortress towns and dungeons by right-clicking on the character sprites, but then again I didn't realize you could view monster stats by right-clicking on them until someone posted a screenshot on the forum.

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