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Old graphics for Exile I & II

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I adapted the old art from the 1.x versions of the first two Exile games to work with the 2.0 versions. You can download it here.


The art is mostly interchangeable, with a few exceptions. Exile I 2.0 has a redone title screen animation that uses a file named comanim.bmp so I replaced the sprites in that with the old versions of those sprites. Sss-Thsss and the Spider Queen have unique sprites which I replaced with the regular slith chief and spider sprites that they used in the 1.x version, and there is also an additional terrain tile of an altar on a brick floor that I added. Exile II 2.0 uses a different algorithm for drawing roads on the world map so I altered the old road sprites to work with that as best I could. The dlogs.bmp in 1.x has two icons that were removed in 2.0, one of an ankh and one of a cave cow with a pile of gold. I don't know where or if those appear in the game so I just left them in.


I haven't tested it very extensively so if you use it and notice anything out of place or missing just let me know.

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