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Avernum 3 RUINED WORLD and saving games

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I downloaded the demo version of Avernum 3 ruined world and the game wont let me save my progress. When I select a slot to save the game and I type in what I want my saved game to be called and press ENTER or click the green check box...the text vanishes and nothing gets saved. Ive tried saving in other slots and I get the same reaction. I also reinstalled the game and I still cant save anything. Even the auto save and quick save doesnt work.


I downloaded this demo version from www.spidweb.com and I'm running windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you



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This sounds like it could be some kind of file permissions issue, with the game trying to save somewhere that you don't have full access to. Are you logged in as an administrator or a regular user?

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