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Geneforge on Windows 10: Out of ideas

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Recently I've been trying to introduce a friend of mine to the Geneforge series. He has a Mac that used to be able to run it, but now it's almost broken and takes minutes to do *anything*, so his only main option is to use his Windows 10 desktop. As some of you know, the first 3 (sometimes 4) Geneforge games have major lag problems running on modern Windows computers. People have described plenty of ways to fix this, but none of them are working for us.


We have tried:

-Running the game normally (worked about as well as you'd expect)

-Setting compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (doesn't work and fails to load save data)

-Setting compatibility mode to Windows Vista (improves performance at first, but drops back down to full lag after just a few minutes)

-Downloading the Compatibility Administrator tool and enabling ForceDirectDrawEmulation (works about the same as Windows Vista does, with the added bonus of black flickering)


I don't know what to do. Nothing we've found on the internet appears to work. His computer is very high end (like, 16 or so GB of ram) so it's definitely not too weak to run it. I can't think of anything else that would create substantial improvement. If anyone here could offer some advice I'd greatly appreciate it.


EDIT: Something I forgot to mention is that during the DirectDraw playtest, one time he tried to save on a new file, and it just... didn't save. Save file remained blank afterwards. It worked every other time but if the game can straight up fail a save that's something we'll also need to look into.

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Not sure what you're running into, but I've played all five Geneforge games on Win10 with the only issue being a slow load of the save, etc. menu in 1-3.  Plays fine otherwise.  No special preparations. Nothing special about this machine either. 


Doesn't help resolve your issue, except maybe to help narrow your search. 

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