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I was following the insidious infiltrator guide and have received the assist the infiltrators quest. However, when I go to get the Kill the Infiltrator quest my reputation is still too shaperish. Is there any way to manually adjust reputation? I tried the "iloveservilles" and "iloverebels" and neither has any effect. I also looked in the scripts to try to edit the reputation effects so I would get more pro-rebel points for a few options but I was unable to figure it out.

If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.

thank you

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18 hours ago, Nim said:

Search for inc_flag(100,0

You will find instances like inc_flag(100,0,-2) which is a 2 point rep move towards the rebels. Modify one to whatever value you want.


That worked!

After locating the code, I added it to someones conversation tree so that whenever I give a specific response I change my reputation.

Thank you

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