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Where to Start?

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So, I'm a long time Avernum player, but interested in starting Avadon. Where should I start in the games? Should I play in a linear fashion? Any overarching tips that will help me in my journeys?

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It's best to start with the first game because the game engine changes slightly and a new character class happens in the second game. The first game is easier to play because it's easier to avoid getting hit. Plus it gives you a good feel for the story line.


Make sure you take your time and talk to everyone that you can to get side quests and explore to get items. The game starts out easy, but if you just rush through the main quests you will be weaker as you go along. Also be sure to distribute items to the other Hands in Avadon because they will join you for their own quests and need them.Everyone goes up at the same rate, but equipment makes a big difference.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You don't really need it and it will slow you down. Just ask anyone here. :)

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