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Fighting/Killing Velusa

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I am having a great deal of difficulty figuring out this "battle" - part 2 of the "Atonement" Quest.  I was led to believe that I have to last 10 rounds with Velusa.  I have easily ;asked 15-20 rounds, as I have killed 15 Soul Jars.  Still, when I return to Hand Hahn, I am not rewarded for the fight.  My only response available is that "I need to atone more" (or something like that).  What am I not doing?  Thank you for your help.

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You need to do enough damage to Velusa to get a message from Velusa that you can stop the fight. Or even better keep going after that to destroy him for more loot and a medal. 


Destroying the Soul Jars just means you aren't getting progressively worse curses each round. You can even on torment kill Velusa while ignoring the Soul Jars although you will likely have to raise several Hands during the fight.

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