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A3 RW Highlight secret switches?

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In other Spiderweb games there was a small change you could make to one of the scripts so that secret switches are highlighted a bit more.Can this be done in A3 Ruined World? I know about using the 'u' key but I'd like to use the gfx change if possible.



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Hello Pajama,


The coding language for the games has changed slightly since the secret switch mods were released, so unfortunately those mods can't simply be transferred into Avernum 3. However, I've put together something quickly for this game that has the same effect.


Go into your script folder and find secdoor.txt. Before you modify it, make sure you make a copy of it in case anything goes wrong. Now, open the file and, at the very bottom, add the following:


beginstate RUN_ANIM_STATE;
    if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1)


This will make secret switches sparkle occasionally, making them a little more visible. The sparkles only happen every now and again, so it shouldn't make the switches too obvious. However, if it's a little too subtle, remove the line 'if (get_ran(1,0,2) == 1)'. This will make the switches sparkle constantly.


P. S. I actually came up with another change that made the switches flash white, even when the player is far away. However, it was really annoying in practice, since it was like having a warning light flashing on the screen. You wouldn't miss the switches, but the game would be quite uncomfortable to play at the same time!

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