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Does anyone know if a character editor/link/script is available anywhere for Avernum 4? I'm playing on easy, but it still isn't easy enough for me (I know, I know) and I'd like to get further in the game without pulling all my hair out.   I've tried Shift D and typing in "editor" and I get nothing. 


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Hello suebee,


Unfortunately, unlike the other Avernum games, Avernum 4 has no inbuilt editor. This means that the 'editor' code won't do anything in this game. However, there is a user-created editor which you can download from this topic:




In the first post, click on the link with the title 'A4editor.zip'. This contains the editor and all the documentation you need. Note that the other links in the post no longer work, mainly because this editor is quite old now. This editor doesn't have the full functionality of Spiderweb's editors, but with it you will be able to increase your party's experience and level, and give your party items, money, herbs etc..


Given the way this board handles downloads, it's possible you also might not be able to download from the 'A4editor.zip' link. If that's the case, let me know, and I'll upload the editor somewhere else temporarily.


Welcome to the boards. And do enjoy your time with Avernum 4!





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