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Stuck in Grindstone Avernum 3

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Hi all,

I desperately need some help.

I am using a MAC system macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

i have Avernum 3 1.0.0 (2)


I am going through the Giant's cave system and have reached the Sacred Chamber anteroom.  I can see the buttons to press but there are no names attached to them.  


I pressed buttons and names appeared.  I tried to press them in different orders to get all of the names to appear.  I wandered back through the levels to see if I had missed a button or place that would give me a clue (nope) I wandered around shattering stone to make sure I had not missed any of those. (nope)


I searched for a walkthrough in desperation and found one that gave an order to press the buttons in.  Went back sorted out the order cleared the screen (going back up a level and then back down) and pressed the buttons in the order from the walkthrough  NADA


What have I missed this is driving me insane?


Came here and looked to see if others had the same problem but could not find anything that matched.


Thanks all



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The order isn't important, but there are only certain buttons that need to be pressed:

the 4 that make up the bottom of the panel

Pressing others just moves the names that appear around to confuse you.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You won't need it. Just the ability to solve puzzles and the older versions had more of them. :)

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Thank you so much sanity restored to factory settings now.


Normally I can sort the problems out but this one had me stumped.



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