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You need to go to the Control-room and hit the button that says something like 'Release cleaning-crew', or words to that effect. It will open a bunch of otherwise-inaccessible chambers next to all the park-like areas. Those chambers are filled with Shambler-type enemies, of course, but they also have interesting loot and, I believe, a spellbook...


...or maybe I'm remembering wrong, it was a while ago. >_> Well, if you haven't checked out the 'cleaning-crew' chambers, it's almost certainly there.

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More specifically, the spellbook is in the southern Shambler chamber.



On a related note, you cannot access the Filth Factory anymore after the corresponding quest has been completed, making Blink one of the only spells (if not the only spell) with a permanently missable level 3 upgrade.


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Would someone mind posting a screenshot of where it is? I've cleared the Filth Factory of enemies, but I can't find it anywhere. Release Cleaning Crew switch opens the room with treasure chests, but no spell book.


I bought the hint book, but it only says that it's in the Filth Factory.


Many thanks,


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