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I didn't see a thread for this already, and I didn't want to bug Jeff's e-mail over something basically trivial, so I thought I'd start a thread for discussing minor bugs, issues, etc.  Feel free to move/delete/merge this if needed.


I noticed that in the upper giant cavern  ("Grindstone" level), when you use the Hidden Exit, the game puts you outside at the wrong spot - it spits you out at the Grindstone gate instead of on the hidden path that you "can't get back up because of uneven ground."

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I think in the Tower of Magi the portraits of Solberg and X are switched around. X's portrait is the same as Solberg's in Avernum 6, and in A3 X is described as his face covered with a hood - which is exactly what Solberg's portrait looks like.


There's also a character I saw somewhere but I forgot where, described as wearing a scarlet or flaming red robe, but the character icon wears green...


e: remembered two more.


You can lock yourself in permanently in the Golem Factory on the level with the lasers you have to rotate. At the bottom right corner you can turn the lasers before opening the secret door that otherwise would let you out of there.


An in the Monastery of Madness there are tile glitches in two rooms with minibosses,  where the wall tiles behind some stairs overlap the stair.

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I'll look into these for v1.0.2, thanks.


As a general rule for anyone reading this, I don't check the forums most of the time. Bugs and balance comments are best sent to support@spiderwebsoftware.com. That gives the best chance I'll see them.

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