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Hey. Achievements are something that are (unfortunately) important to me as a player. And they're broken in A3. :'(


I have cleared the slime quest, but the game does not credit me as having even returned to the surface (though, oddly, Steam does).


I have just trained my fifth mage spell to level 5, and neither the game nor Steam have recognised this.


Anybody else have this issue/have a fix?


Edit: IMAGE:



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The 5 level 3 mage spell bug will be fixed in v101. The game was making you need 6 spells at level 3.


As for the outdoor medal, I'm really not sure. I just checked the code and it looks correct, and the Steam achievement being there means the achievement code fired at some point.


Any chance you threw away your game settings file at some point? If you did that after getting the achievement, it'd still be on Steam but absent from your computer.

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Ah! Thanks for coming back to me about the Level 3 spell bug. I've started a new game anyhow, just in case I'd somehow done something wrong (and what's 20 hours in a Spidweb game anyway), so I'll look out for that as I progress. 


Still no medal for venturing out onto the surface though, and literally all I've done this game is hoof it to Anaximander and then out into the surface. I'm playing through Steam, and haven't edited any files. I'll uninstall and redownload tonight to see if that does anything, and will report back.

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