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6 hours ago, nikki. said:

Kind of annoying having them pop up constantly.

 Wait until the Xian Skull shows up...


I never encountered those visions in my run throughs.  Do you have any 'special items' that seem out of the ordinary/might be causing them? Could you quote what one of the visions says?


(you aren't talking about the skull are you?)

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Are these the "Dark Thoughts" (noted as a Special Item, but sadly incurable per the Hint Book)? If so, I'd love to know what I did to contract them...


Interestingly, 1 of them seemed to be about those refugees from the slimes you meet just a bit W/SW of the Dryad's Grove. After I cleared the slime plague and spoke w/ them, they returned to their homes and I think I got a Reputation boost.

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I like the Xian Skull. It's just as good in this game, except it doesn't play audio that says "Hey I'm a talking skull". :'(


I didn't have one while playing yesterday, but one was about sliths chasing down avernites, and one was about a long dark warren of waterfalls. Clearly throwbacks to previous Avernum games. 

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1 hour ago, Randomizer said:

Dark Thoughts are a minor curse to your attacks that occurs when you read the wrong spell books.

Ugh. Well that's annoying, as now I'm stuck w/ it for the entire game. For future reference, can you clarify what the "wrong spell books" means? I would assume either I had the accumulated lore to read a spell book or I didn't. I find it odd that the game would penalize me like that and then not give me a chance to remedy it.


In any case, I think you're saying that the Dark Thoughts are separate from the visions, right?

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13 minutes ago, Randomizer said:

Definitely separate from the visions.


I remember Dark Thoughts from the Tower of Magi spell book, and one in Tomb of Vahkohs.

Very strange. I did read a spell book in the south/center area of the Tower of Magi in a hidden room, that gave me a level in Arcane Summon (which I can't obviously cast at my current level). It appears Jeff decided to penalize me for doing that. What's further odd is that the hint book does not reference this as the Tier 3 location for Arcane Summon. So I'll just ignore it for my 2nd game. Lesson learned.


As for the Tomb of Vahkohs, the hint book shows that as the location of a Tier 3 priest spell, however. I'm really hoping the book that gives you Dark Thoughts is in addition to the "good" spell book, as I don't think we should be getting penalized for learning a Tier 3 spell...

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Using the tomb as an example:


There's the one good L3 priest spell book


And then there's the one "Animating Zombies for Dummies" (or something like that...).  Reading 'that' bad book is what gives you the Dark Thoughts.


Save before reading books is the easy solution, but the DTs don't seem to impact you too much if you happen to collect them.  Just brooding thoughts while relaxing in your 'new' mansion or sitting around a campfire...

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