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Found a bug with the skribane guard check

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So as the title states when you pass on the checkpoint for central valorim to enter loralei the guards check you for skribane right?
So the check only checks the players inventories and not the Junk bag essentially allowing you to smuggle skribane into the city... Is this intended?

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Actually it makes a lot of sense as to why they can't detect it.  The junk bag can hold unlimited weight & unlimited items but yet you're still able to dance around with it like it weighs nothing/takes up no space.  Logically then it's off in another dimension at a right angle to our own (different universe with different rules for physics...).  Because it's off somewhen else, the Empire can't search it with magic, dogs, tame drakes, whatever. 


Science (taps forehead knowingly....)


/I may be overthinking this I realize

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