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Avernum 3: Ruined World Strategy Central (**NEED HELP? LOOK HERE FIRST**)

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Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added!

Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here.


Patch Versions

Version 101

Version 102


General Advice

How not to suck playing

Torment Advice


Detailed Information

Atlas: where to find quests, items, and other miscellany


Items to keep for quests

Spell books

Level 3 spell book zones

Crafters for potions, scrolls, and items

Spell and Skill Trainers

Cheat Code List

Time Counter in Game

Monsters for Job Board Deliveries - Respawn Locations

Map to Tower of Zkal (upper level in spoiler) 


Deep Analysis




Just For Fun

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Thank you for this. I was hoping you would post party build suggestions before I started this massive game. Now if I have to start over halfway through it's my own damn fault. :)

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