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Avernum 3: Ruined World Strategy Central (**NEED HELP? LOOK HERE FIRST**)

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Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added!

Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here.


Patch Versions

Version 101

Version 102

Version 103


General Advice

How not to suck playing

Torment Advice

Party Build & Torment Advice

Torment Walkthrough


Detailed Information

Atlas: where to find quests, items, and other miscellany


Items to keep for quests

Spell books

Level 3 spell book zones

Crafters for potions, scrolls, and items

Spell and Skill Trainers

Cheat Code List

Time Counter in Game

Monsters for Job Board Deliveries - Respawn Locations

Map to Tower of Zkal (upper level in spoiler) 


Deep Analysis




Just For Fun

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Thank you for this. I was hoping you would post party build suggestions before I started this massive game. Now if I have to start over halfway through it's my own damn fault. :)

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