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A3:RW - Items to Keep for Quests (SPOILER)

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Keep for Quests:


Magical Notes

Unicorn Horns

Iron Bar (1) if Nephil in party

Gold Ring (can be found in quest area)

Graymold Salve (can be bought in zone sometimes)

Curing Elixir (1)

Marble Bust (3)

Black Basalt (1)

- can turn in more for of the next three items if you haven’t turned in the maximum number

Bag of Meal (50) one extra to end quest

Fine Clothes (50) one extra to end quest

Fine Herbs (100) one extra to end quest

Harp for northeast of Gale

10 food units for dragon near Gale

Golem mindstone

Skribbane (5)



Keep for Potions and Scrolls:

healing herbs

spiritual herbs

energetic herbs


mandrake root



Keep for Crafting:

Fine Leather

Fine Steel

Focusing Crystal



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You may want to move the papyrus from the crafting list to the  potions list and then rename the list 'potions and scrolls'


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Correction/details on Libras/Squiggas courier items:


Fine Clothes (buy $64, sell $75)- after the 41st delivery, no further items will be accepted. However, the delivery containing the 41st item can be arbitrarily large and everything from your non-junk inventory will be accepted (up to 140 items). 


Fine Herbs (buy $84, sell $100) - same concept but the threshold delivery is 91


Max profit is ((75-64)*(40+140) + (100-84)*(90+140)) = 5660 coins

But you'll need 8340 coins on hand in order to begin the process; 

using the 40 clothes, 140 clothes, and 90 herb transactions to work your way up to 11760, which lets you stock up on 140 herbs in the last phase, which will then cash out for 14000.


I'm playing on Hard, in case the delivery thresholds change by game difficulty.

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