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Fort Emergence - After completing plague quest

Mazumdar opens to spell books after completing plague quest - level 3

— sage lore trait and Vahnatai Lore don't count to arcane lore needed

-- right spell book [6] - Move Mountains

-- left spell book [6] - Spray Acid


Portal Fortress

Need Walner's help to dechiper

- Library scroll - Mage: Call Beast [5]



Capture Soul [VL 1, AL 12] 

Simulacrum [VL 3. AL 12]


Erika's Tower (after defeating a plague)

Ward of Thoughts [20] 


Tower of Magi

Arcane Summon [12 or less], Dark Thoughts


Below Agate Tower

Pool of Ice [9]


Slime Pit

spell book [6] - Daze 


Inn of Blades

Arion - QUEST - Get Metal Lumps - unlocks room to spell book - Slow


Storm Port


Mayor Runkle - QUEST - Destroy Undead for Storm Port - see Dana - go to home northwest corner north room under bed - Minor Heal [9?]


Lair of Vahkohs

spell book [10] - Protection



Gremlin chest [12]


Lair of the Ursagi

spell book - Cloak of Curses [9]


Shayder - Anama member - Anama Temple

-- stands 

- southwest - Call the Storm, Summon Shade, Ward of Thoughts, Curse the Land, Move Mountains

- northwest - Minor Heal, Curing, Smite, Protection, War Blessing

- northeast - Unshackle Mind, Heal, Rain of Curses, Mass Heal, Mass Curing

- southeast - Divine Fire



War Blessing [7]


Shayder Sewers

Bolt of Fire [7]


Spiral Crypt

Minor Summons [11 or less]



- Purgatos room - Haste [9 or less]

- Lair of Drakos - Cloak of the Arcane [15]


Filth Factory

Blink [9 or less]



Sharamik Scroll quest reward spell book [?] - Dispel Barrier level 1

Starcap Hunt Down Zang quest reward - Cloak of Bolts


House on the Hill

Pool of Fire [9 or less]


Troglo Temple

Pool of Corruption [11 or less]


Under Castle Troglo

Heal [12 or less]


Adobe Hut

Hermit - Ritual of Sanctication level 1



- Library reward for Giant plague - Domination [?]

- Hawke's Manse - Cloak of Blades [10]


Grindstone Caverns

Rain of Curses [?]


Chasm of Screams

Mass Curing [14]


Monastery of Madness L1

Gymnastics [11] - no Sage Lore Trait


Monastery of Madness L2

Curse the Land [15]


Northeast Valorim

NE by Orb - tunnel - need item for song - harp - Ward of Elements [14]

NW Temple of Divine Lucre (quest location) - 5000c for Return Life, Divine Retribution, Divine Restoration

-- -1 reputation, Blessing of Lucre (+2% damage)


Gale Library

-- spell book - Bless the Land [12]

-- stand - Bolt of Fire [9 or less]


Pit of the Wrym

Divine Retribution [15 or less]



Sanctification Ritual [12]


Maddok Island 

Summon Shade [17] - no sage Lore Trait


Tower of Zkal 

Summon Shade



Library of Moon

stand [4] - level 1 - Call the Storm, Move Mountains, Divine Fire

stand [4] - level 1 - Bolt of Fire, Daze, Haste, Pool of Fire

quest reward - Divine Restoration [15 some VL]


Lair of Khoth

Domination level 1 [11 or less] 

Dispel Barrier level 3 [12]

Divine Retribution level 1 [11 or less]


Defiled Crypt 

Arcane Summon [14]

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