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Geneforge 5 Tweaks

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[MOD #1]              
To have the option of owning any creation without having to join a faction.
                        HOW TO USE
You need to make your way down to one of the end-game zones "Dera South Shore"
and from there you need to locate a Drakon hiding in a building towards the south east.
The drakon has her own store, but an option "Teach me shaping" will be available.
[MOD #2]  
-Replaces Pyroroamer with a level 10 Armoured Podling. Has Curse Rain and Acid Bite.
-Replaces Charged Vlish with a level 15 Decaying Vlish. Has Decaying Ray(Poison + Ray Damage) and a Sting Attack.
-Replaces Ur-Drakon with a level 40, 10 AP Unbound One. Has Unbound Death Breath(Damage + Acid) and Bite attack.

1- Right click the genforge 5 shortcut and select "Open file location"
2- Click and open 'Genforge 5 files"
3- Select and open "Scripts"
4- Drag the contents from the download into "Scripts" folder

Both mods are compatible with each other.


I am hoping to get feedback to balance creations and/or the location of trainer/s. As i study quite often, i may not be able to make instant alterations. This mod is just something i wanted to make, and to share.  Have fun i guess xD!


Download Link:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/861n7351h2209sf/G5 MODS.rar

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