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3D editor is broken in Mac OS High Sierra?

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I just updated to Mac OS High Sierra, and now every time I try to save my .bas files in the 3D editor (I think I have the newest version of it), I instead get an "error 73" and the program unloads my scenario. It doesn't crash entirely, and I can reload the scenario, but of course without any changes actually saved. So, it might has well just have crashed entirely...


Anybody seen this? Anybody any idea what to do? Effectively I can't work on my scenarios anymore now...


I'd rather not have to revert back to Mac OS Sierra, the hassle of wiping the disk and putting back a backup is something I'd rather not go through again


Edit: Tested all of the versions back to 1.1.1, they all give this error...


edit2: it just occurred to me that perhaps what broke the editor is the new file system Apple introduced in this version of the OS, since the error the editor it giving is one of saving the scenario. Anyway, for now I found a workaround in using the windows editor.

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I hadn't even gotten to check out Illustrator and Photoshop yet, but the fact that APFS breaks them too is disastrous... I'm going to revert back to 10.12 for now. Can't quite wrpa my head around my stupidity - after all, APFS was THE main improvement touted by Apple in this release, and I forgot all about it. Fortunately I have my Time machine backups or I'd be royally screwed at this point.

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