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Stuck in Bahssikava

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I'm at the golem place north of the ruined slith guardpost, at the place where I've killed the Demon Golem, read stuff in his office and climbed up the ladder. Up there Phaedra fell to enemies and now I'm carrying her back to the slith guardpost. This is where I'm stuck - I've climbed down the ladder back to the Demon Golem's office, and now I can't climb back up (because of Phaedra). But also, I can't go further back because of the gates being closed and the only gate-mechanism is "too heavy/massive to use". I don't even remember which way I got here in the first place, but there are absolutely no hidden passages out, I even Far Sight-ed everything and moved to every corner if perhaps a scripted event would appear :/

There must be a silly thing I'm missing..?


EDIT: Ok, I've just loaded the save litteraly a minute after posting the above, and clicked on a mechanism and it worked *glorious facepalm* (there was a wall with a window between the party and the mechanish so I thought I couldn't use it at all)

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