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GF1 killed my creations now NPCs hate me

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So when I was fighting some creatures that could charm my thads I decided to kill then and got some xp in return, then tried killing creations that where not charmed and still got xp. Since it was easy I basically killed a few for my next level in the Wooded Valley.

But for some reason the servile npc guarding the entrance to a cave is now aggressive... I tried a few cheatcodes and none worked (on him). Is there any way of peacefing him or am I locked out of that part of the game?

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Hello Gouresdo,


What's happening here, as I understand it, is a result of how Geneforge treats your creations. Your creations are essentially friendly characters so, if you attack them, the game behaves in the same way as if you had attacked other friendly creatures in the zone: all friendly characters will become hostile to you. Essentially, there's a little toggle in the game that flips if you start attacking people, or if you steal objects, and this is also flipped if you attack your own creations.


If Geneforge behaves in the same way as other Spiderweb games, zones made hostile like this will only remain hostile for a while. It's possible that, if you go through some other zones (about four) and then return, the servile will be friendly again. This might not be too much of a problem: chances are that you won't be able to enter the door the servile Sniff is guarding for a little while, although it depends on what order you're doing the zones in. You'll know when you're able to enter.


However, if you want to reset using cheats, you'll need to flip that toggle again. Leave Wooded Valley and go to another zone. Then, press shift-D and type forgiveme into the input that appears. You should see a little bit of text come up in your log that says that your crimes have been forgotten. Now, return to Wooded Valley. The servile should be friendly again. The reason you need to take that longwinded route is that, as I understand it, the game only calculates if a zone is friendly when you enter it. If you typed the code in when in Wooded Valley, the servile would still be hostile, and would only become friendly again when you left and re-entered the zone.

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