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I inadvertently killed the Stone Worker before I talked to it to begin the test.  Is there a way to do some kind of a reset so that I can interact with it, and thereby accomplish Malachite's second test?  Thanks!

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Hello Randy,


Just to check, are you referring to the sentinel standing on the small hill in the southeastern section of Tranquility? This is the sentinel that Malachite is talking about. I ask because I don't think this sentinel should ever turn hostile unless you attack it directly and without provocation, and I wanted to make sure you weren't checking the wrong one!


If you have destroyed the sentinel, there isn't an easy way to respawn the creature that I am aware of. If you still want to finish the quest, though, you could do so by editing the scripts. Here's one approach.


1. Go into the folder 'Avernum 5 Files' and then 'Scripts'.


2. Make a copy of 'z132tranqdlg.txt' and put it in a safe place. This is to make sure that nothing gets broken irreversibly, and so that you can restore the game to normal once you've finished!


3. In the z132tranqdlg.txt that's still in the Scripts folder, find the section of the file that says:


begintalknode 2;
    state = -1;
    nextstate = -1;
    condition = get_sdf(41,4) == 0;
    question = "special";
    text1 = "The scribe who lived here fled in panic. The door has several large gouges in it, probably left by an angry sentinel. That would explain the owner's absence.";
    action = SET_SDF 41 4 1;


4. Replace this section with:


begintalknode 2;
    state = -1;
    nextstate = -1;
    condition = 1;
    question = "special";
    text1 = "Debug. Starting sentinel test.";
    action = SET_SDF 41 4 1;
    code =


5. Launch Avernum 5. Go to the southeastern section of Tranquility and find the scribe's house on the western edge of that area.


6. Open the door and step inside. The test will commence as soon as you pass beyond the door.


7. Survive! This script alteration is very simple. Don't step on the squares inside the door again, or else the timer will be reset. The best way to do this would be to dart inside the house to trigger the sentinels, and then to run back outside (and probably somewhere else where it's easier to avoid them).


8. When you've finished, replace the modified z132tranqdlg.txt with the unchanged copy that you made.



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