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I moved my spiderweb folder from the normal documents folder to the one on the OneDrive so I can switch between desktop and laptop computers rather than have to manually copy the latest saved files over.


Of course when the game starts it cannot find the saved games.  So, there should be a config file with the path for the saved games.  Anyway to change this to OneDrive documents?

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It depends upon the game and operating system where the saved folder is stored. The oldest games lets you store them wherever you wanted. But most of the games in the last few years have the path specified and in the case of Geneforge 4 stored inside the game folder.


I never tried to find the code line that specifies the path, so I can't help you. It maybe hard coded into the game.

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I think I have got a work around using symbolic links.  I have computers Desktop and Laptop, both with OneDrive. 

1) I moved the most recent Avernum 2 Saved Games folder to the OneDrive and it synced to the other computer. 

2) I then deleted all of the individual saved game folders in documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum 2 Saved Games on each computer.  Be sure to make a copy of your saves and stick them in an unrelated folder in case something goes wrong.  You can leave the Avernum 2 Saved Games folder, just make sure there is nothing in it.

3) I then installed Junction Link Magic program on each computer http://www.rekenwonder.com/linkmagic.htm

4) I ran Junction Link Magic on each computer.  The "host" link was original directory in documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum 2 Saved Games and the Destination was the path to the OneDrive on each computer.  The program created the junction.  You can tell because your original Avernum Saved Games folder in the documents directory will have a little arrow on the icon of a folder and all your saved games will be there when previously all the saved game folders were empty.


Thereafter I tested by 1) playing the game on computer D and saving to slot 1, exiting; 2) starting the game on computer L and the saved game in slot 1 was there so I loaded it, played a little and saved to slot 2, then existed the game; 3) returned to computer D and started the game, was able to load game with recently created slot 2 save, played and created a new save in slot 3, exited; returned to computer L and started the game and was able to load the most recent save from slot 3.

So it looks like OneDrive syncs the most recent game saves and the "junctions" fool the game into looking to the OneDrive saved games to load them.




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