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Experience Distribution

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First post here, so be warned: there are probably some dumb questions below.  Also I did do some searching before creating this thread but of course it's always possible I missed the thread with exactly the information that I want.  That being said, I had some questions about how and when experience is distributed in A6:


- What are all the things that give you experience - quests and finding locations do, as well as killing enemies, but is there anything else?

- When are experience points actually awarded for fighting - is it at the end of the fight or immediately when an enemy is killed?

- If a character is knocked unconscious during a fight will they receive less experience, and will less experience be awarded to the party as a whole?

- Does charming enemies and letting them kill your opponents for you give you less experience?


I'm sure there's something I forgot to ask, and probably some things I don't even know I should ask, so if anyone knows any other interesting things about the experience system I'd love to hear it.



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Experience is for quest, locations in later games, killing things, disarming traps and opening locked containers. However in later games there is less experience as your level rises above the level of what you do. So killing a harder monster when you are at a lower level will give you more experience than killing a weaker monster. You might find that you get no experience when your level is significantly higher.


I think you get experience as you kill the monster, but it's been a while since I looked. You can check your character before and after.


Unconscious/dead characters miss out on experience and also can't get spells from spell books. It also lowers the party's nature/cave lore that helps you avoid some encounters with low level monsters.


I haven't checked recently, but it used to be that you didn't get experience for charmed monsters and hostile terrain effects killing monsters. It makes a little difference overall in the game, but if you are near leveling up.


There is a small random factor in awarding experience so if you save before and reload you might get a few points more or less. I saw this once when I had to reload from before a quest reward. It's some kind of round off error.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. We get experience for collecting enough. :)

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