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Scripting: Adding other characters to party


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Been trying to understand more on the scripts of the game. Is it possible to make our own edits to add characters to party.


    code =

This code is used to add artila to PC's party. What does it mean by sf(41,20,1) and how do i replicate this. any help would be much appreciated.

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Allow me to help please


That is not the command that adds an Artilla. What this command does, it remove 300 coins from the PC (minimum left 0) and set a "flag" for the game, specifically the flag 41,20 to 1.


The flag 41,20 in this case is used to track whether the Artilla can be added to the party. You have to talk to the artilla and get it to join.


The command that adds a character to the party is:


with "X" being the number of the character in that zone. For example if I want to add the 50th character in the zone (which I should know who it is) I would put


Why 58 and not 50? Because the numbers 0-7 are for the character and the creatures in the player's group.

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