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Homeland progress report

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Omigosh, I haven't played BoA in so many years, and this will be just what I need to get back into it. I've yet to play through Bahssikava and Exodus, so I'll probably need to dig into the whole trilogy. 100 towns... sounds like this series is substantially larger than Jeff's own games! Will be keeping an eye on this - amazing work!

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I've yet to play through Bahssikava and Exodus, so I'll probably need to dig into the whole trilogy.


Why not dig into Bassikava and Exodus (and The Magic, which is relevant) when you next have a run of free time, mikeprichard? These scenarios are some of the real high points of the output of BoA, and come very highly recommended. Indeed, there’s some speculation as to whether Jeff himself referenced these scenarios in the 2011 Escape from the Pit remake ...


Although there’s a fair amount of time before Homeland reaches a testable stage, there’s no harm in getting started on the first games in the series early (especially if you've got Queen's Wish to work through first!). If you really stop and smell the roses, there’s an awful lot of meat to these scenarios, both in terms of the detail Kelandon has put in to the setting, but also in the continually interesting and varied combat situations. One of the things Bahssikava, Exodus and The Magic do really well is constantly putting the player into new and interesting battles, meaning that you may need to try a series of different strategies for different fights. Some of the fights might require some experimentation! Oh, and there are some extremely fine beam puzzles in Bahssikava, although most people don’t get quite as excited about those as I do ...


To top it off, these scenarios are long. At least in my experience, they really benefit from a slow and steady playthrough over a long period. In fact, before diving in, I might suggest maybe warming up with a simpler scenario first – maybe something like Diplomacy with the Dead – just to get your BoA senses tingling again.


Since you mentioned length, let’s put this into context. Homeland will have ~100 towns when it’s finished. Exodus was 60 towns long, with a vast outdoors. Bahssikava is formed of 22 towns and The Magic, the smallest of the bunch, has 13 towns overall.


Avernum: Escape from the Pit has 80 towns in total. So, when taken together, the Homeland games have about two and a half times the number of towns as the first Avernum game! In fact, in terms of raw real estate, the series will probably be somewhat larger by comparison – this is because Kelandon’s towns seem to be more on the larger end of things compared to Avernum, and I imagine that won’t be changing in the third instalment.


Do give these scenarios a try at some point. You won’t be disappointed!

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