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BoA/Exodus Fan Fiction: Thissa in Thassaka

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Hello World! This is my first post here, although I’ve been hanging around the community for a while. I’ve been playing Spiderweb games for almost twenty years now, but for some reason or other never quite got around to creating an account on these forums.


Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece of fan-fiction based on the world of Kelandon’s scenario, Exodus. I was reminded of the story again recently, and thoroughly enjoyed reading through it again. It seemed odd that I didn't put a link to the story on these boards at the time, and so I'm correcting that now. You can find the story here:




Do please give it a read! I’ve written quite a lot about the work in some notes which are appended after the story in the link, but here’s a brief overview.


‘Thissa in Thassaka’ is a shortish novella set in the early stages of Exodus. It loosely deals with several themes: the history of Avernum; the place of sliths in Avernite society; undercurrents of hostility between different races and species; and some of the reasons behind the slow collapse of Kelandon’s slith empire. Throughout the story are occasional memory scenes detailing events that occur over the course of Exodus and the earlier scenario Bahssikava. It deals with a party of four adventurers, Jenneke, Thissa, Frrrrrr and Adrianna, as they rest in the city of Thassaka after having escorted Legare’s expedition there. It's designed to be enjoyable without any knowledge of Kelandon's scenarios, or even of Avernum, although someone who has played the scenarios will be able to make the most of the many little references scattered throughout the story.


Also included with the story is an illustration which I produced at the time. For the record, this was a study piece which I made to learn about the slith form, and it bears strong similarity to a piece of art from the new version of Crystal Souls. You can read more about that in the link.


If you’re interested, give it a look through. If you do, I hope you enjoy it!


-- Ess
(Although I’ve also gone under the name Hugo in some recent beta testing)

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Fanfic of my fanfic! Love it!


It's been ages since I've gone back into my slith language notes, but what you have here is sufficiently convincing that I don't see anything off about it on first glance.

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I'm glad you liked it! I had huge amounts of fun putting it together, and it's nice to know it's been well received. Bonus points for appreciating its meta quality, too.


It's good that you didn't see an obvious flaw with the language use, either. To explain my reservations, languages have always been my weak point; I wasn't sure if I might have missed something obvious. I think the main concern I had was whether I had used adjectives correctly. You mention them briefly in your notes, but I don't recall you saying much about where adjectives appear within the sentence structure, and you didn't give too many examples. Still, if you didn't spot a mistake on the first glance, that's good enough for me!


It's been nice coming back to this work again. I'm happy enough with how it turned out that I might even put together a sequel one of these days.

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