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Alhoon's mod for Warriors/Guardians (+artifact baton mod) - Released!

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I ran into a problem with your mod.  I had completed the kill Toroth quest, before i knew he was necessary for your mod.  is there anyway to reset the zone to before i completed the quest? 

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Emmm... none other than load function.

Toroth is really not "necessary". He is necessary only if you want to blow up that captain and complete the quest mechanics-way.


Also, even if you fail that quest, Greta will still send you new orders later. She will be angry and your reputation with her will take a hit. Your end-of-the-mod rewards will be lower. She will be more reluctant to help you in the future. But... having somewhat less than full reputation with Greta may not be that bad for future quest options. If you are 100% Greta, the Drakons start to dislike you.

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