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1. What is your favorite Internet meme?


2. What is your least favorite meme, and why?


3. ???


4. ???


5. Profit!


And now, without further ado, the best meme in the world:




Dikiyoba offers thanks to Iffy for indirectly making this thread posssible. So cool! Much thanks! Such muffin!

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Fave meme?


Lucielle Bluth; pretty much any of them.





Least favorite? any of the overused ones that always pop up daily.



Unorthodox first post on the forum?

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Posted (edited)

Favorite meme - Incorrect quotes and modified image text, such as the following gem:


[Edit: Image removed for mild swearing]


Least favorite meme: Those things with the expanding brain.

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No obscenities; see the Code of Conduct.

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Posted (edited)

i'm not a huge fan of memey things but i've been eating up /r/traa stuff a lot. i'd link some goodies but a lot of it really requires context.






really hated the "rage comics" of old but those aren't around much anymore, nowadays i'm mostly pissed off by irritating star wars memes (how many times can you make a "i have the high ground" joke before it gets old).


also grats on 9k diki

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i guess reddit doesnt like hotlinking

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